Tuesday, July 19

Don't Miss Out!!

As a member of the Kiwanis Club of Lynchburg, I'm very involved in our upcoming 1st Annual Shrimpfest! We are embarking on this new event like blind puppies...very eager, excited and likely to walk into the occasional wall. We've got the location, the band, the tables, games...we just are trying to figure out how many people are really coming!!

You see, we have gotten great response to our social media campaign. Thanks to some marketing investment which boosted posting - we've gotten over 20,000 hits and a ton of shares and comments and as of this writing...191 people say they are going...but ticket sales are slow. So, this either means that people are planning to come, but afraid to buy tickets early OR we are going to get slammed at the gate. The problem will be, there can only be a finite amount of shrimp available and we will end up disappointing folks when we run out of tickets at the gate.

It is reminding me very much of my experience back in March. I knew for weeks that the Empty Bowls event at the Academy to benefit Lynchburg Daily Bread was happening. I even thought about ordering my ticket online a couple of times - but the date crept up on me. I figured, "well, if the doors open at 11:30, I can get there at 11:45 and I'm sure there will still be tickets."

I was wrong. I got no bowl. I got no soup. I had empty tummy.

I don't want that to happen to my fellow shrimp lovers. If you want to be 100% sure that you'll have shrimp and bbq and lots of fun - please go buy your ticket. You can go to the Eventbrite site and order with a credit card. You can go by TradeWinds Cafe on Langhorne Rd. or these three Bank of the James branches: Main Street, Boonsboro or Forest.

No more empty tummies. Let's get all shrimped up on August 5 together!!

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