Friday, August 16

Something Stupid

I am feeling a need to post - but feeling the need to make it a very silly post. I've just had a pretty heavy week and I want to be goofy. Or Goofy. Or Pluto. (Disney conundrum: Why did Goofy walk around on two legs and wear clothes while Pluto gamboled about on four legs stark nekkid?) Therefore I am going to wander around the random conversation starter until I find something I can be un-serious about.

1st question posed: Is it harder to exercise more or eat healthier? Nope...too serious. Spin again.

2nd topic posed: Describe your favorite type of pizza. Too depressing, my favorite pizza was called the He-Crab pizza at Bistro 151, and it is closed. But it had alfredo, crabmeat (real, not Sea Legs), mandarin oranges and some crispy spinach. I miss it. Spin again!

3rd try: What is the biggest thing you've ever won? My first response to that is "that's what she said" - I think I'm getting punchy. I remember winning a ceramic Christmas tree in high school. I gave it to my grandmother and she loved it. She said it was the perfect size (she lived alone and came to our house for Christmas so she had stopped having a live tree). I wonder what happened to it? Gonna try the random topic one more time:

4th random conversation starter: Where did you go on your last vacation? OBX. vacation before that? OBX. Before that? OBX. I love the Outer Banks. But this points out that I'm probably in a rut. Does going to New Jersey to see a friend for two days count as a vacation? Is a vacation to New Jersey better than being in a rut? Alright - if this try isn't silly then I'm going to fetch some comic strips to entertain you. Or a piano playing cat.

5th and final try: What is your favorite ice cream flavor? O M G - the silliest thing about that is that my favorite flavor could NOT be any less silly! It would be amusing to have my favorite be Tutti Frutti (does that still exist?) or Cotton Candy (eww...too sweet) or something boozy like Rum Raisin (which I like, but it doesn't have enough rum!). But my actual favorite flavor is vanilla. Dang. I am not amusing tonight.

Please enjoy a couple of entertaining comic strips. I will try to be humorous or pithy or deep later this weekend. To randomize the comics - I am going to pick comics from 11/11/11.

Darn it - I love Bloom County, but that one doesn't make sense unless you go read the whole series on GoComics. Here's one that is funnier:

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