Wednesday, August 31

mmmmm.....tuna....I like it!

So...haven't talked about food for awhile...

Today I had two great ahi tuna dishes. The first was at lunch at Shakers. I kind of forget Shakers sometimes, even though it is right near work. I think it may be because it sits low next to Candlers Mountain Rd...or maybe because it is hidden by that defunct credit union (was that place EVER open? I only recall it being empty...). Anyway, decided to eat lunch there today with my sissy Denise. And I ordered the Seared Ahi Tuna Salad. It was served over a bed of Napa cabbage with crispy wontons dressed in a wasabi dressing.

And when I ordered from our delightful server Meghan (who never let Denise's DDP or my coffee go empty) she agreed that it could be prepared extra rare. And it was absolutely perfect. I like my tuna raw (how raw? that tuna on the right? Burnt to a crisp. Inedible.)...and this was raw tuna with a bit of color around the edges. Sublime.

For dinner I met the Elvas at another forgotten restaurant: Bulls. I think I remember going there...twice. And I recall enjoying the food - I guess it just wasn't on my radar. Interesting restaurant. I think that the decor could use a little bit of a polish - except for the fact that the kitchen and the front of house are clearly well-run - I would nominate it for Restaurant Impossible on Food Network (far more fun to watch than Hoarders...although in one episode, I think that it was a hoarder running a restaurant. But I digress {rabbit trail alert!} as usual).

The company, the server and the food were all great. From the chips and salsa (homemade, I believe) to the raspberry parfait for dessert...very enjoyable. But the highlight was part of the an accompaniment to the nicely seared ahi steak...there was this butter-ish sauce. I couldn't identify all the components (which disappoints the foodie in me) but it was truly delicious (which makes the disappointed foodie in me shut the hell up).

A nice meal can enhance any sort of day...and this day got enhanced twice!

Life is good.

My T-shirt told me so.

Sunday, August 28

Relaxing at the Riva - good for the soul...

Relaxing at the Riva Howse today...

- got brilliant smiles and laughs from my niece Taylor. No matter how blue you might be feeling - she just brightens the world with her laugh. A few weeks ago she abandoned her insistence on being gently lowered into the water...she now runs and throws herself off the dock! She likes to jump to me and shrieks with laughter when I pretend she might land on me!

- got warm and wonderful hugs from my nephew Braeden. The end of season water has turned a wee bit chillier already! Braeden is almost as happy in the water as me (and I regularly hang out in the river for a
couple of hours at a time) and I think he senses the summer's end. I remember that feeling from my childhood. When we would go to the pool on a Sunday afternoon and the shadows would fall earlier...the breeze would chill you quicker...and I knew that it wouldn't be long before the pool was closed. I would stay in the water from the time we walked through the gate until my family was ready to walk out of the gate ("please? just a few more minutes?"). I just wanted to savor the experience as long as possible - I wasn't sure if we would be able to come back before the season ended. Braeden seemed to be in that same place this afternoon. Though cold and shivering in the water - to the point he could really only cling to me for the little body heat I was able to provide - he did not want to get out. And so I did everything that I could to make sure he was able to stay in as much as possible. Maybe I need to get us both wetsuits.

- and I got to swim with the River Fish Jacob. He's come a long way from that fateful afternoon back in June when he got to throw off the constraints of his life jacket. He swims fearlessly. Not always well...but fearlessly. And he still leaves footprints on my stomach...and my heart. He even got into a splashing war with his Uncle CG - and despite being outmatched (Carl's hands and feet are a LOT bigger) - he laughed riotously between the walls of water smashing over his head.

And there were a lot of other awesome people there...and a pretty good dog. Yep, another great Sunday afternoon at the Riva. I hope the weather allows for a bunch more...or at least a couple.

Please? Just a few more minutes?

Wednesday, August 24

Glass Half-full

So many things running through my head. Lots of stuff vying for my attention. Note - I did not say that there were many voices in my head. Just a lot going on. And so much of it, I really can't verbalize how I feel. Because almost all of it has up-sides and down-sides. I'm just going to try really hard to focus on the up-sides. Which ain't always easy.

I will comment on one thing: JIFF starts tomorrow night.

Up side: seeing the kids again!
Down side: seeing the kids again!

No, I'm kidding. Mostly.

Denise and I are sharing a station again this year. 2 weeks her, 2 weeks me. Her "curriculum" is going to be about money. I wish I had learned a lot of what she covers back when I was this young. One of the early topics is "Wants vs. Needs" and I still need to take that class.

Needs for these guys would be school supplies, shelter, food. And wants would be things like video games, candy, cell phones. And she teaches that needs have to always go into the budget before wants. Shoot...I should try that!

Then they learn how to make a basic budget - and they draw what their "job" and income are. She said she was never more satisfied with her efforts than when one of the guys had an epiphany. Looking at the fact that his expenses were out pacing his income...and they examined where he could cut some "wants" (like cable, big car payment)...and ends still weren't meeting.

The young man said "then I need to increase my income." And she asked how he could do that. And he said that he could get a better job. And she asked again - how do you do that?
And he said that he should get a good education and have a career instead of a job.


I won't pretend that every student will get it. Or even try to. But for that one (or more) that does - there is a changed perspective. And that is worth the effort.

For Chip Shop this year I'm going to do one week where the JIFFers have a chance to earn some chips. This year, they'll have the opportunity to do a job around the church one session per month - and they will be rewarded according to their effort. One group will straighten the sanctuary and make sure the pew racks are properly filled. One group will swiffer and sweep the entranceways to the church...might have to be two groups...I think that church has about 10 outside doors. I'll come up with one more task, I'm sure...maybe we can fold the bulletins!

Two things accomplished: tasks get done that our part-time custodian couldn't possibly get done AND the students get a chance to contribute their efforts. Maybe we'll even develop pride in a job well done. That is something worth praying for. half full...JIFF is going to be great this year!!

And May will be here before we know it.

Monday, August 22


Short ramble...

Every once in a while I have to remind people who watch TV near me of two things: TV is not about entertainment, it is about advertising. Yes...they could do the whole Dancing with the Stars reveal night in 10 minutes...but they would not have enough ad revenue. And #2 - there are a lot of shows out there that you are not the target demographic for.
And thank heavens I am NOT the target demographic for some of this stuff.

Although I have caught an episode of Blue's Clues - I am glad that I don't have to watch Dora or Barney. I am not supposed to be enjoying those shows! Whew!

And I'm really glad that nobody expects me to watch Jersey Shore, Toddlers and Tiaras or Bridezillas. Because I only know about those from The Soup - which makes fun of them.

And on the brighter side of
that equation - I am glad that I am the target demographic for things like Antiques Roadshow, The Daily Show and public radio. I also enjoy most everything on Discovery that doesn't involve snakes. And shows like Auction Hunters, Storage Wars and American Pickers pique my interest - I think that is because I find myself looking around at MY stuff and wondering if it could be worth some $$.

I don't like Pawn Stars much because I think the guys are pretty rude. I know you gotta make a buck, but try to keep the mocking laughter down to a minimum, eh?

Yep, I don't know what my point is...except an observation. Something I realized a few years ago when I saw a copy of magazine - something like "Putt Putters Digest". You know something? Not only are there people who have a subscription...somebody writes for it. Probably a lot of somebodies. I wonder if some day I might run into someone at a cocktail party...and during that "what do you do for a living" small talk...someone could say "I'm a writer. I write for Putt Putters Digest." I wonder what my reaction will be.

No matter what form of entertainment there is out there - somebody enjoys it. Diversity is mind-boggling sometimes. For every person that likes Masterpiece Theater, there is someone who would rather be set on fire than to watch it.

But if I meet someone at a cocktail party who tells me that they produce "Toddlers and Tiaras" - I'm sure my first reaction is going to be "are you serious?"

And if I am mid-sip of bourbon, somebody better get that poor soul a towel - because I am likely to spit.

Hamster beaten.

Monday, August 15

I like clams...I think...

So...I have a friend who is from Long Island (I hope you said that with the proper accent). During the summer she suffers up there - living on the beach. Sometimes she sends pictures of sunsets over the Long Island Sound. Or the ocean. Or some sort of cove for all I know. The point is - it's a freakin' gorgeous place to be.

Now - like the Riva Howse, it seems that it is a...cozy hovel... Ya know, nothin' faancy or nuttin' - but the setting is fantastic. And I am jealous.

She talked one time about how they go clamming up there. And she likes (?) to dig for clams - but hates to eat them. I said "I love clams" - of course, never having been clamming...and pretty much only having experience with EATING clams. Though, I have kind of a reputation for being this great cook. (perhaps only in my mind...but some people believe it. maybe it's only my mom...) So, my friend offered to bring me some clams when she came back. And of course, I said "sure!"

So, on Saturday she arrives with a cooler of clams - raked and transported just for me! (along with several bottles of wine and some chips!) And I look in this cooler and I think to myself "oh my...what the HELL do I DO with these things???"

You see - I have a problem admitting that I don't know how to do something. Which usually sends me scrambling to my Blackberry to pursue rapid knowledge.

This is how I learned how to cook and clean lobsters (and make Lobster Newburg...which was excellent, if I do say so myself). This is how I managed to cook a crown roast of pork. How I pull off a lot of things.

Well - these are not like the little clams I see at Harbor Inn. And they are NOTHING like the ones from Long John Silver's. Some of these clams are the size of softballs!! I've never seen anything like it! But I smile at my friend and pretend that I know exactly what my plan is. And she, her two kids, 3 guinea pigs, 2 dogs, cat and fish head for home. And I head for my phone.
I Googled and I texted and I experimented. And finally I put the little suckers to sleep in the refrigerator under chilly blankets of seawater soaked dish towels. And the next day I poked at them.

And tonight I was determined to conquer these clams. And thank God, Trudy came to the rescue. She opened a bunch of clams. And taught me a bit about how to open them. (recall...she HATES clams). And I now have harvested a bunch of clams.

Want to know something? Just like when I pretended I had a plan for the clams on Saturday night, though I was clueless...yep, I have now said that I'm making dinner tomorrow night with these clams. People think I have a plan.

Where is my Blackberry?

Tuesday, August 9

Dented Can

Sometimes I feel like a dented can.
Tonight that is because I have some sort of fever creating upper respiratory infection thing. Cold? Allergy? Pneumonia? Whooping cough? Avian flu?


It isn't THAT bad...but I don't feel great, so I'm going to bed. And I hope there are no alligators or pea coats. I just don't have the energy for any more chase scenes.

A sneeze. Well, maybe it's just a passing thing and I'll be all better in the morning.

Could be.


A dented can with no label.
Sent from my BlackBerry®

Monday, August 8

What the hell did THAT mean??

Last night nobody died in one of my dreams...which was a distinct improvement over the two nights previous.

Okay - let me throw out the two dreams and we'll see if any of you can come up with interpretations. Heck, maybe I'll even see if I can find some online interpretation tools.

Dream #1: The family and a bunch of friends are at the Riva Howse...except the Riva Howse is at the end of a small inlet...and it is a Biscuitville on the outside. Complete with drive thru. So a bunch of us are picnicking and having a lovely time in the parking lot at the top of this sort of crevasse that has steps going down to the river. And the kids are playing in the "river" and then I am with them in the river. An odd location, but everyone is having a lovely time.

Then the lime green alligators start showing up. I mean crazy florescent lime green alligators. And they are swimming right up to us in the river. I seem to be intelligent enough to get out of the water and I keep telling other people that I don't think it is a good idea for the people to keep swimming with these 4 strange alligators. But nobody else seems worried.

So I went inside. Now inside the Biscuitriverhowseville...there are all these ladies from the church circle. They are cleaning the kitchen. Except it isn't my is the kitchen that Nancy Heilman-Davis did a cooking show in when I was working in public access. But they can't get all the dishes to fit in the they start taking pieces of the dishwasher out.

Since I couldn't help with that crisis, I went back outside...just in time to see one of the lime green alligators eat Henry (the little dog companion of my friends Fred and Fay). THEN people wanted to get out of the damn water! So I helped haul people up the bank (all the while saying to myself "I told them this wasn't safe!"). The alligators kept floating around in the water. Fay still couldn't get the blender and the coffee maker in the dishwasher.

Dream #2 - the beginning is a little fuzzy. I can remember from the point that my sister Denise and I have two bad guys subdued on the bank of a lake. There is a volleyball net and tiki torches. There is a coil of rope. The leader of the bad guys shows up - she is a wiry little woman who is threatening us with torture.

Somehow I get the jump on her (in the dream she is being portrayed by one of my mother's friends from 20ish years ago: Jennifer Fidura - the director of the Central Virginia Training Center in the early 80s) and I get the rope around her. My sister Denise grabs her from behind and somehow ties her around the middle.

And then Denise just buttoned her coat up over Jennifer Fidura's she is dead. I can remember the most specific details about the coat. It is a black double breasted pea coat with big black buttons. The buttons are etched with anchors. It is a very heavy coat. It is a foregone conclusion that the woman is dead.

Then Denise and I are on the run (even though I didn't murder anybody...I seem to be culpable in some fashion...or perhaps I am just afraid Denise will button me up in the coat too) in her boss' Bronco. And we are driving in the hood someplace in Richmond...and she takes a wrong turn so we are at a dead end. Although no one is actively chasing us - she chooses to drive over the bank. Then we are driving over rooftops.

My sister Karen has now joined us - and SHE helps get the Bronco off the rooftops. Then we are in a grocery store. Then they drop me off. I am apparently house sitting - but other people are in the house, so I am sleeping in a room with bunk beds. And I want to tell the other people that my sister murdered a woman by buttoning her up in a pea coat. But instead, I go and weed a flower bed.

What the heck??

According to this dream dictionary...we can gather the following:

Alligators: Primal, stealth, direct or blunt, fast acting. Monstrous or having the ability to hurt someone without regret or compassion. Dreaming of this animal can represent: Having too much OR too little of one of these qualities (thank you SO much, ya big wishy washy dream dictionary). So I am either TOO primal and monstrous or I'm not. So helpful.

Dishwasher: "Cleaning up after you" in your life, such as dealing with the consequences of your actions, accepting responsibility for your decisions, or repairing relationships after you've been hurtful towards someone. OR could be cleaning up after someone else OR letting someone else clean up after you! Well...that makes it all as clear as mud.

Color (Lime Green): Can represent moods, feelings, or a sense about the object or situation where the color appears. Colors that stand out (not just the various colors of the dream setting) can be very important symbols. Consider also the hue and brightness of the color. For example, a bright green could represent something different from a drab green, or a pastel green. (Green = can represent life or new life, nature, freshness, vigor, coolness, or a relaxing environment). Yeah...this was not a relaxing environment. Especially for poor Henry. (A dog in trouble, sick, or overlooked can mean you may be overlooking a responsibility for yourself or your life.)

Possible interpretation: I have been cleaning up after myself and/or other people and I'm starting to feel monstrous and primal about it. I'm going to stop overlooking my responsibilities and pursue a new life.

I think I do just about as well with reading fortune cookies.

one from last night: You will meet exciting new friends.

(we always add "in the bed" after our fortunes. Hilarity ensues.) (also works with Hymn titles when you're not paying attention in church)

I think I will leave the second dream for you to figure out. I'm going to stop while I'm ahead.

Hamster smothered by a tiny little pea coat.

Denise did it.

Sunday, August 7

Random Sunday Evening Thoughts #2

Why do my thoughts on a Sunday evening almost always qualify as "random"? But tonight, unlike a lot of nights, I find myself with several blog topics running rampant through my head. Feast or famine, eh?

One of the thoughts that has been running through my mind since this morning was today's sermon topic: Lawnmowers or Motorcycles? Pastor Rick had another good one...some of his messages resonate with me for hours after worship is over. They are thought provoking and I find him remarkably insightful. As someone who has internal conversations on a regular basis (sometimes I let you guys read the voices in my head...) it is not uncommon for me to float in the river and ponder a part of the morning message.

I won't get this all connected properly - and if you want an accurate presentation of the sermon, I hope it will be available on the CUMC website. (We still have boogeymen at the sound desk...hoping the recording is good) As usual - Pastor Rick has no responsibility for MY thoughts and opinions. Understood?

When preachers go shop for motorcycles (and yes, a good number of them do...) they probably get a different sales pitch that your typical bike enthusiast gets. Instead of "when you open her up you can get up to 90 and you feel like you're flying, dude" they probably get "gets really good gas mileage, quiet ride...). But when both types of people shop for lawnmowers - it's pretty much the same pitch. Right? Okay...follow me here...if I can pull this thought together - it is going to be good.

Lawnmowers aren't fast. They aren't exciting. They aren't sexy. They just kind of plod along, doing a monotonous task. Motorcycles are different. They take risk to operate. They ARE fast. They are exciting. When you ride - there are moments where you feel like you are flying. When you are swept up in the experience and leave the concerns of terra firma behind.

Churches are supposed to be more like motorcycles than lawnmowers. We do too much plodding along and not enough risk taking. We need to throw more caution to the wind and step out of the
boat. I'm glad to be a part of a group that at least seems to be shopping for a Vespa. And from the view in the choir loft - I can even see a few burgeoning Hell's Angels out there. And that is a good thing.

Okay...I mentioned that I had a bunch of random thoughts running around in my head. Here are a few more:

Heard on WVTF (NPR) on the way home that some place called the Jefferson Center (in Roanoke) is going to have The Blind Boys of Alabama, Rene Marie and Sinbad as part of a concert series. It was like getting triple punched! I love ALL of those! It was so strange to have three performers listed off and with each name I said to myself - Oh my, I would love to see them, Oh my - Rene Marie, I love her!, and Sinbad? Seriously...all three? What the heck? When is this?

So I came in and Googled (oh mighty Google...
I love Goog...oh, did I drift into that trance again?)

I found that it is part of a series and The Blind Boys of Alabama are performing October 20, Rene Marie November 11 and Sinbad is December 3. I'm so excited...who wants to come with?

I first saw The Blind Boys of Alabama in Banff with my Canadian brothers. I think it was the first time I was out in Alberta. I had never heard of them before - and knowing the Jenkins boys (like I thought I did) I just figured we were going to see some friends of theirs in a bar. And that they would be playing some rock/folk/alternative like John played. Wow, was I in for a change of perspective!

The Blind Boys of Alabama are legends in gospel music. The group formed in 1939 and two of the founding members still perform with the current group. That night in Banff I was astounded by the way they could weave gospel and blues and folk and jazz into this magical combination. And yes, 3 of the lead vocalists and the drummer are blind. I'm listening to their version of Amazing Grace right now - to the tune of House of the Rising Sun. I'm getting chills.

Rene Marie is actually this super talented jazz singer who I have had the pleasure of meeting. She was the sister-in-law of this incredible man that I got to work with during my years in public access television. (amongst the random nuttiness and ego - he had intelligent conversations on interpersonal relationships with interesting people...I wish I had copies of those shows) So, anyway (almost went on a rabbit trail...) I got to meet Rene when she performed at this tiny little jazz club in Lynchburg: The Ellington. (which has a history all its own)

She has the most soulful connection to the music. Some performers sing songs - they sing all the right notes and with lovely tone. They perform them well. Rene is one of those people who put the song ON and wear it. She is the embodiment of the music - it flows out of her...and wraps around you. And you are mesmerized. She sings with honesty - at times her soul is bared...

To be in the presence of that is nothing less than amazing. And she is a wonderful person besides. Not too long ago I happened upon one of her CDs when I was cleaning something in my room. I use Rhapsody so much that I just don't pay any attention to my CD collection any more. I took it to the office and on a rainy day - I played it. And I was stirred. And I just felt like letting her know that. So I googled (oh mighty google...) and found her website (and some nifty press about her doing a controversial performance of the National Anthem...interesting read!) and wrote an email to the contact email. I wasn't even sure if she would get a chance to read might just be headed to a manager or intern.

In my email I conveyed how inspired I was by her performance. And I shared that I had started singing far in the church choir, and a couple of solos and duets. And I shared with her that it had been a struggle (as you know...I still have a sneaking suspicion that I sing like a dying bull moose) to put myself out there. And you know something? She called me! We talked for like 20 minutes and I swear I had tears rolling down my cheeks 18 of those. How incredibly gracious of her to call to encourage me! And what a wonderful time I had talking with ranks up there in the top 100 hours I would like to do again and again.

Well...those are my random thoughts for the evening.


C'mon - he's just brilliant! That is one funny man. I think the the Holy Trio of Comedians would be Bill Cosby, Sinbad and Robin Williams.

When I get to heaven - I'm going to invite them all over for dinner.

Life is good.

Saturday, August 6

Three Homecomings

Over the past two days people have started returning to Lynchburg. And we will have more homecoming over the next two weeks as the Montana crew and the Long Island Crew come back to the Riva Howse. This seems to have been a summer for absences.

The three homecomings so far have been very diverse. As different as the reasons for their departures.

The lastest return was one of the infamous Elva Sisters...Belva to be exact. She was chatty and full of pictures and stories from their trip to Alaska. Though I'm sure she was jet lagged and tired from travel - you could tell that they had a great time. I am certain that at some point I will see all 3000 pictures (or more) from the trip. The few that I saw just made me homesick for the Canadian Rockies. And I'll enjoy pictures from Melva, too. But I also know from experience that photographs can't capture the whole scale and majesty of the Western mountains. But they are wonderful ways to trigger the memory of that experience in the people who have been there.

I know that I will wander off in a few minutes to snag a pic or two from Google images - and that when I do, I will see views that are familiar from Canmore and Golden. And there will be one that will briefly take my breath away...and I will long to see the Rockies in person. But if you haven't been there - I am not certain that you would react in the same way. The images that I saw today of Denali are lovely - but to those who have seen her themselves - the image has a magical effect.

I also look forward to seeing pictures and hearing stories from another of our returned wanderers. Carl arrived back from Brazil on Thursday - exhausted and suffering from a cold-type thing. His homecoming has been a different kind of adjustment because he spent two weeks as part of a mission team - so he not only has the feeling of being in a foreign culture...he misses the group that became his family. I can only relate to that in a minor way - it seems like every time that I've been on a mission trip, there has been at least two of my immediate family there with me. The six team members went through a lot together - a lot of which may be impossible to verbalize.

The experiences that he has shared so far have been incredible - especially when he made fried bananas tonight for us at the Riva Howse. They were like no other fried banana that I have ever had. I've eaten bananas that were sauteed, caramelized, wrapped in won ton wrappers and deep fried...and this was unique. He basically crusted them in bread crumbs (first dusted in flour and dipped in egg the crust would stick) and then fried them in boiling oil. Then they were drained and rolled in sugar and cinnamon. Sounds so simple - tastes so awesome.

And he showed us some of the products from the fish leather project in/near Itapoa. Women from the village are crafting various items from the skin of the fish that would just be discarded. It is beautifully tanned and dyed. It was wonderfully soft. It is exciting to hear about a project like this that can help turn around the economic situation of families in these small coastal towns.

The third homecoming was that of my nephew Jack. He has spent the past 7ish weeks as a junior counselor at Camp Virginia (which is apparently what heaven is like...). I think that this will be a difficult transition. He said to me that his whole perspective of time has changed. That at the beginning - 7 weeks seemed like FOREVER and he couldn't believe that he was foolish enough to sign up to work both sessions. And that now - it seems like 7 weeks went by in a moment.

It will be tough to be separated from the new friends that became his family. Maybe he and Carl can help each other with that adjustment. They both feel like they've been dropped into a familiar foreign land.

Right now, it just doesn't feel quite right - they feel like they've been misplaced. Like they are supposed to be doing something else right now - but for some reason, they are home.

To a degree - I understand.

The disorientation will fade.

The memories - even if they have to be triggered by pictures or food - will remain.

Of that, I am certain.

Wednesday, August 3

Time and Perspective

Two weeks. Depending on the perspective - it has been a very looonnngg two weeks, but on the other hand - it has been too short.

For the past two weeks I've been running Kodiak without my right hand. It was certainly for a good reason...Carl has been in Brazil on a mission trip. But I can't say that I haven't missed him, especially at work. It is hard enough to be the queen, but to be the king at the same time...well, I've been busy. So - from that perspective - it has been a very long two weeks.

On the other hand - I had planned to get several things done, that are undone. Was going to mow the grass at his house. Didn't happen. Was supposed to get the oil changed in his truck. Nope. Supposed to get repair estimates on the damage to the bed of the truck (not damage I inflicted!) but that also did not get done. I had planned to wash and wax his truck. Um...I am pretty sure that she is dirtier now. But maybe it will rain on the way to Greensboro.

So - by these observations. Time is relative. Wouldn't Einstein be proud of me for figuring that out?

I suppose that one could argue that the reason the stuff on the truck list didn't get done is that I was busy with the stuff that made the two weeks so long... Even thought this is probably true - I'm still disappointed with my performance.

Yep...I think that my future shrink should definitely read my blog. I am indeed psychologically unbalanced. But at least I've stopped watching Hoarders. I still am terribly curious about how that rat episode (season 3 episode 41) turned out. (I decided to walk away...when the man was sitting in a veritable SEA of rats and feeding them from his hand) Obviously - this couldn't have had a great outcome. How do you deal with a sea of rats without some sort of mass execution? And how do you execute this man's friends without him having a Class 1 Freakout? So - I am curious...but I shall resist the impulse to see if the episode is on Hulu or something.

That could only lead to bad dreams.

I know that I constantly have strange dreams - I just can't recall them when I wake up. I need another interesting tale like the one from that Lowe's parking lot. Perhaps tonight will be something odd...I'll do my best.

As long as it doesn't involve bunnies or rats running amok in the walls of my house. Hamsters either.