Sunday, January 26

Live Epically

I felt the cold coming on about Tuesday. I was in denial until Wednesday. I spent the day unconscious on Thursday. Worked on Friday, but accomplished less that I should have...

When I get a cold (or pretty much any sickness, but that is my most common ailment) I feel like the world is dialed down. Everything seems subdued. Or maybe I just care less... But food doesn't taste as intense, sounds seem muffled, I can see okay...but it all seems surreal and dulled. I think that is all pretty normal.

While I was in the midst of this 75% reality - I saw this meme on Facebook from George Takei: The picture made me chuckle. I can imagine if I was a kid passenger in a passing vehicle that I would LOVE seeing Buzz and Woody in a "real life" adventure. My imagination would run wild playing out the scenario that placed them on that bumper...and what would happen next.

Mr. Takei just had two words to say about the picture: Live Epically.


What a great idea.

And I'm not sure if it had special appeal to me because I was in the midst of living in a dulled state of mind, but it really spoke to me. I know that when I'm sick or overwhelmed or depressed, I am about as far from living epically as you can get. I'm just surviving. I'm tolerating the daily activities that take me from waking to sleeping...

Imagine not just surviving - but making it EPIC!

It doesn't necessarily mean that you need to be running from bad guys and leaping onto moving vehicles to escape (like Buzz and Woody). It DOES mean that you embrace the who, what and where you are at any given moment. Eating lunch? Savor it. Having a conversation? Be intent on being part of that conversation - listening, responding, contributing and learning. Don't be figuring out where you need to be next or who you'd rather be chatting up.

Break out of the rut - embrace the place that you are. Having a flat tire? Look around and see the piece of the world that you would usually just drive past at 55. In a boring meeting? Focus on the people around you and the gifts that they bring to the group - you'll probably find a diverse gathering each making a contribution that only they can make. Folding clothes? Spend a minute with your head buried in the warm and softly scented pile of laundry and be glad that you didn't have to beat them on rocks.

I find that I don't live epically very often. But I'm going to try to do it more.

Even when battling Sleestak - you can stop and watch the three moons rise.

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