Friday, December 31

A Test of Moral Fiber

On October 6, 2010 I posted the following to Facebook: Chris Howell took out her contacts tonight. and even put them each into their own compartment. how long does a good habit take to make? One friend immediately responded "21 days".

Yes, I was a bad contact lens wearer. One of my closest friends continually encouraged me to make a habit of taking them out every night. So began the adventure of becoming a better person. For 21 days straight I took my contacts out. And indeed it has become a good habit. Do I ever go to sleep without doing it? Well - I can recall 3 times. Including last night. Not sure why - just being contrary.

So this led me to ask the question (of myself - I'm afraid of what my friends would suggest) - what other things SHOULD I do - that I don't do? Or what are some things that I SHOULDN'T do? And so that led me to one realization - I need to work on kicking my addiction to Coke. The drink, not the powder.

And so I posted recently on Facebook: Chris Howell
survived two days without Coke. An enormous accomplishment. Remember that 21 days thing? I don't know if I can do it this time. This time one of the first comments was "Why?" and my answer was that it was a good test of my moral fiber. Knowing that my moral fiber becomes pretty frayed when confronted with self-denial...I agreed with myself that I would allow myself one per week. So for Christmas I had Coke.

So - the question is - how much will I enjoy each week's Coke? Will I give up other stuff and enjoy those things just once per week? And the big question: Will anyone care?

So - as I embark on a year of unrepentant navel-gazing - we shall see.