Slacker Alert

This is what to do if I'm slacking: 

I think that I shall institute a new policy here at the Beaten Hamster. If you are logging in and sad that there isn't a new can send me a message that says "hey - go beat a hamster, eh?"

Better yet, "hey - go beat THIS hamster: and follow that with a topic you think that I could (or should) pontificate upon." Now, you understand - I may or may not take your suggestion.

And even if I start OUT on topic - I have a propensity to wander off on rabbit trails. You may not have noticed that...

I think that it would make for some interesting posting. Or - perhaps not. Time will tell.

I wrote in a post not too long ago about my mentor Joe Campbell. And I believe I wrote in there about a time that he offered to do a half hour show on any topic that I presented to him. Let me go look at that post...hang on... Yep. I was (and still am) disappointed in whatever topic that I chose that day. Where did I put the key to that time machine??? Anyway - I am now going to pontificate upon a random thought/idea/situation.

I will now go to Google (almighty Google...) and go to a random place. That button that says "I'm feeling lucky"? I'm curious to see where it goes if you don't type anything into the search window. Hang on...

Crikey! It did go someplace cool! It took me to the wondrous land of Google's Logo History! What a fun thing to find! Mostly because it has let me go and visit the uber-cool version that was up for Les Paul's 96th birthday. If you missed it...or didn't know that you could bring it back...go here! It is a functional and recordable guitar!! That was a fantastic one.

I didn't realize that they changed it so often...what fun. You can see images of lots of different ones, but you can only revisit some of them. I still think that this is neat.

I love a company that doesn't take itself too seriously. It seems like the management of Google embraces their people's need to be creative and sometimes silly. Any workplace with a slide gets a thumbs up from me.

I'm glad that my boss lets us be creative and sometimes silly too.

I love my job - how refreshing...

Now - send me some hamsters to beat. And I'll probably get around to them...sooner or later...