Tuesday, September 13

Yo! Washington! Get back to work!!

I just finished reading my friend Chuck's current blog post. He represents a new face of unemployment - one that I'm not sure that ANY of our current politicians is willing to face the reality of. Chuck is not the only friend that I have who has dealt with this situation in the past couple of years.

It took over a year for one highly skilled accounting manager friend to find a position. An engineer who had to temporarily leave his field just to have enough $ to live. Talented people in a lot of different areas. All out of work or working below their skill set because the jobs just aren't there!
I don't know what the answer is. And I wouldn't elect me dogcatcher... But if I don't see some damn spirit of pulling together to accomplish something up there on Capitol Hill...I'm gonna start the frickin' Hamster Party and run. And I'm going to start smacking folks on the back of the head when they spend more time campaigning for their next election than doing their damn job.

I think we should stop elections. We would get better results if we filled our political offices with a completely random draft. We can even include members of the animal kingdom. I'd personally like to elect that orangutan that is trying to quit smoking.
The system we've got going right now isn't working.

Hamster fuming...and before I got all riled up I was going to make some random observations about Jersey Shore...

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  1. thanks for the passion hamster. i appreciate it. i have two words for washington: TERM LIMITS. then instead of living it up in dc for a lifetime and worrying about reelection, our elected leaders might vote for anything that aids this nation... sadly, not a chance.