Tuesday, February 21

Let the good times roll!

Ah...Fat Tuesday. One of my all-time favorite holidays!! Sure, I like Christmas and Easter and my birthday is a particular favorite... but Fat Tuesday ranks right up there. Today I indulged in a couple of favorite things - a couple of them for the last time until Easter.

One of my favorite foods will surprise those of you who know me as a foodie. You expect a certain amount of refinement in my taste buds. You come to me for good restaurant suggestions. Wine pairings. What cheese to get on your turkey burger... Please don't be too disappointed in me - a secret passion of mine is the McGriddle. Salty, sweet, warm goodness. I like mine with sausage and cheese (no egg) and refer to it as my McMotivation on mornings that I'm not excited to be heading to work. I'm giving them up for Lent again this year. I don't allow myself to have them more than about twice a month anyway...but over the next 40+ days I will want one.

I am not Catholic but my family has always held to a tradition of observing Lent by either giving something up - or adding something to our daily routine that would have a positive effect on our lives. I usually give something up that is not good for me. This year I'm going to try for the double-whammy of giving up McGriddles and Coke.

Ah Coke (a Cola...not cocaine!) - it is one of the best things on earth. Especially when it is cold and crisp and bubbly. My problem is that I don't always savor and appreciate them if I have them all the time. Same thing with McGriddles, I guess. And I don't allow myself to give up Coke and then drink Pepsi or Sprite or anything like that.

I apparently come from a long line of Lent cheaters...or Lent Loophole Lovers. My great grandmother on my mother's side gave up going to the movies every year. She had never been to a movie in her life. I believe one of my sisters gave up liver one year. I'm pretty certain that I had an uncle who gave up knitting. So I'll do my very best.

Speaking of loopholes...I heard from a good friend (in Sunday School class...so that HAS to be a good source) that Sundays in Lent don't count. She recalled her mother spending every Sunday in Lent smoking like a chimney. I DO know that if you count the days on the calendar - that 40 days does not include the Sundays. I am uncertain what to do with that information. There is a part of me that wants to embrace that loophole.

For now - I will plan to abstain from McGriddles and Coke for Lent. One day at a time. And then I will really appreciate them when I have them back. A little deprivation is good for the soul sometimes.

And perhaps I'll try to do something positive every day. For this moment in time (9:27pm) - I'm off to finish that 2 liter so it won't tempt me in the days ahead!

Laissez les bons temps rouler!!

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