Sunday, February 5

Four Years Ago Yesterday

Four years ago yesterday I was in New York City. But that isn't what the story is about.

The reason I was in New York was a memorial service for my good friend Carlton Candler who passed suddenly. He was an extraordinary man and so my sister and I traveled together to pay our respects. It was a lovely service and we also went to the elementary school where he was a teacher to see a program that his kids had put together. I wonder if they still think about Carlton as often as I do?

The day after the service Denise and I were in Penn Station waiting for Amtrak when we got a call from Lynchburg. Or perhaps Dad was already in Roanoke... Anyway - my sister Susan had gone into labor two months early and the twins had just arrived! Taylor and Braeden couldn't wait to see they came early! Mom was in Puerto Rico getting ready to embark on her very first cruise - so we called to tell her the good news. (since I pay for she and Dad's cell phones....let's see...I was roaming in NYC and making an international call to my cell phone roaming in Puerto Rico. I believe the 4 minute conversation cost $40).

The next day I went to meet them in person...and got my first taste of the NICU. Susan and Patrick lived there for about a month! I couldn't believe how tiny they were. And I loved them immediately. Rumor has it that I went from incubator to incubator and told them each that they were my favorite. Sounds like me. All I remember is tears rolling down my cheeks.

They celebrated their 4th birthdays yesterday. (Mom was out of town again - with Dad in Florida) It is hard to believe what a difference 4 years makes. Those two scrawny little babies whose pacifiers covered half their faces have turned into real laughing, talking, smiling people.

I never had much use for blondes before...but I am still totally in love with those two. And as you know - I'd love to show you pictures, except creepy people would get to see them. Just picture a little girl angel and little boy angel - each with a bit of imp inside.

And yes, I have two more nephews...Jack (who is 16 and you hear about all the time) and Jacob (river fish) - on their next birthdays I'll tell you what I was doing when THEY were born. Because they are my favorite too.

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  1. They really are something special & so are you !!! Dad/Grandad