Wednesday, August 29

West Nile Anyone?

I was always taught by my mother to be a good host (hostess, whatever). But I would like to draw the line at one place. Mosquitoes!

I have always been the family bug host. The one that everyone looks at with pity while I slap away at flies, gnats, mosquitoes, etc. I think that every family must have one. And then all the other sweet souls get to stare, shrug their shoulders and say stupid stuff like "hmm...I haven't gotten bit once" and "are you sure they're mosquitoes"? Argh!

Everyone in my family has their own personal curse - Dad can find the one cherry pit in any pie. Even McDonalds cherry pies...and I'm not real sure that those are real cherries!

Tonight, even though I was in the midst of a lovely group sitting on the dock at the river, I had enough. After spraying every inch of my skin...and then every inch of my clothing...they were still snacking on my tasty flesh. You win this round bugs...but I shall find a way!!

I'm gonna find some serious toxins to bathe in this weekend...anyone know where I can get some black market DDT?

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