Friday, August 24

I Want Another Furry Friend...

I love animals. Even my completely rude cat. (and yes, I also love dogs...the bigger the better!)

I have a couple of Facebook friends who work with Humane Societies, animal shelters, pounds, animal fostering programs, etc. From time to time they will post pictures of animals that need homes. Because at least one of my housemates is NOT a big pet-person - I am limited to housing the one rude cat (who at this moment is lying with her arms crossed wearing a look of disdain like a petulant teenager. Rude.)

Recently I have had great desire to trade-in my rude cat for a kinder and gentler cat. The first to capture my heart was Ty. A gorgeous tabby cat who lost both eyes to infection. Oh my - my heart just stopped. Blind kitty.

After a trade-in was rejected, I still got to see posts about Ty - including this one: "What's the best fun you can have in the morning? Watching a blind cat with a case of the zoomies pinball around the house." And then a nifty picture of Ty In Box. No matter how you feel about cats - I think it would be hard to resist loving that one.

And then tonight was the real kicker - I got to virtually meet Slider. And I want that cat. Slider even has her own blog that tells her whole story. But basically...Slider slides because the back legs don't work. If that sweet face doesn't make you want to dive through your computer screen and hug are made of stone, my friend.

So - if anyone would like to take possession of Rude Cat...I can take Slider! Since I've already bent the household rules by allowing Riva Cat to take up residence at the Riva Howse...I better not push my luck by bringing another cat home. So many kitties, so few homes. PLEASE, spay or neuter your cats. (and some of your friends) And when you can - give a cat a home.

with the exception of the pic of Rude Cat - all these pictures were shamelessly stolen from my friend's FB page and Slider's Blog. Sorry.

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