Monday, February 25

Foster Cat - Week One

About a week ago I saw this little cat on Facebook. My good friend and animal lover Melissa shared it from her friends at the Roanoke Angels of Assisi. The post indicated that the cat had been left behind when her family moved and that in the shelter she was unresponsive. She wasn't eating or drinking and was generally so unhappy that she was making herself sick.

My friends and family know what happened next - I felt such tremendous empathy for the little cat that I said to Melissa and her compatriots at A of A "I will ask my housemates if we could take her in for a little while." My generally agreeable housemates said okay (well, Dad said okay...I believe Mom said "whatever") so little Avocado was headed to share a house with me, my wonderful housemates and the world's rudest cat, Toey.

The best side of Rude Cat
Since Toey pays neither mortgage or rent - I decided she had no say in the transaction. When will I ever learn? Regardless of her station in our house - Toey always has something to say. Generally her statements over the last have been "hsssssssssss" and "arorowah" (not sure how to spell the gutteral screeching).

For her part, Avocado has been perfectly lovely. As circumstances unfolded, instead of meeting in Bedford to transfer Avocado to my care - I ended up driving to Roanoke to pick her up. Her transport wasn't going to be able to arrive in Bedford till 8:30 or it looked like she would have to spend another miserable night at the shelter. My empathetic sensibilities just couldn't allow ROAD TRIP! Off I went, stopping to pick up animal nut Melissa for company to Roanoke (she also needed to retrieve her car from the Star City...long story...I think it involved margaritas and first responders, but I can't be sure).

When we arrived at Angels of Assisi we met Avocado...who miraculously had changed from the miserable kitty who Facebook indicated was dying of a broken heart - into a purring and curious cat ready for a road trip. The shelter folk kept apologizing for "misleading" me - they insisted that she was making liars out of them, but that she had only started perking up about 6:30. That was exactly when I hit the road for Roanoke. Chaz and Chelsea just didn't know how powerful my aura is! As soon as Avocado heard from the universe that I was on the way - she knew all would be okay. Well...that is what I believe anyway. They packed her some food and litter and put her in a cardboard cat carrier and helped me get her in my car.

As soon as they were back inside the building I let her out of the box. I know it isn't exactly recommended...but I couldn't have her spend an hour in a box!! She headed to the back window of the Taurus and cried until Virginia Conversations (a political talk show on public radio) went off and Smooth Jazz came on. Then she relaxed, watched traffic and dozed off. When I arrived home I just opened the back door, picked her up and carried her in the house. She didn't try to bolt or scratch or anything.

'Cado (sorry, I can't call her's either Avo or Cado, sometimes Little Cat. Carl said that Avocado is a dog's name. Huh?) is the most laid back feline I have ever met. Even with Rude Cat making ugly sounds and being unwelcoming - 'Cado just ignores her. I think she would love to make friends with her cranky housemate - but it isn't bothering her at all. She eats, sleeps, wanders around the house...plays with toy mice...even spent some time on the lap of a happy man!

Available - One Rude Cat

If your home needs a very pleasant cat - check out her profile and how to adopt on the Angels of Assisi website. Or if you've always wanted a really seriously hideously rude cat - I'm up for a trade-in.

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