Tuesday, February 12

The post less blogged about....

While I was driving home I was trying to decide which of two topics I would blog about - Lent (what would I give up or add during Lent) vs. Avenue Q (the Broadway musical). Some of my readers will be disappointed with my decision (but I'll write about the other tomorrow).

I have decided to tread the road less traveled...the road to Avenue Q!

I saw the show on Broadway about 6 years ago when my sister-from-another-mother Belva and I were asked to accompany a young friend to New York City. The young man was the son of our pastor, a budding performer who had decided to visit NYC with a couple of friends during spring break. They were all in high school and were going to stay in a hostel and see shows...a grand adventure! But then his friends backed out and his parents were not keen on the idea of their son roaming the streets of the city alone. Pretty wise thought process!

So they asked Belva and I to substitute and take young Joseph. I agreed, but refused to stay in a hostel....if I wanted bedbugs there are any number of places in Lynchburg I could go get bedbugs. So Joseph's parents entrusted him to us (perhaps a less wise thought process...) and we jumped on Amtrak and headed to the Big Apple.

I will leave the details of the trip itself out of this post - but if you want to hear some hilarious tales, get me a couple of Irish Car Bombs and I will spill... After all "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" but we didn't go to Vegas!!

We saw two shows during our few days (if you count only Broadway shows...I recall a show of sorts in that gay bar down in Chelsea....). We saw The Odd Couple with Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane - which was absolutely incredible. And I'm not just saying that because I loved Matthew Broderick from the time I saw War Games...the entire production was excellent. And I know that I have seen The Odd Couple a dozen times (including a few female versions) - it was like seeing again for the first time. The other show that we saw was Avenue Q. Which I had not heard much about (even though it had won the Tony for Best Musical in 2004...beating out Wicked!).

Joseph and Belva had gone to the 1/2 price ticket outlet to get our tickets (I needed a nap because I had a fever...broke it later with the aforementioned Irish Car Bombs) and with their damaged thought processes - managed to get us 2 tickets together and 1 single. This turned out to be a stroke of good luck - because I'm not sure that Avenue Q is meant to be enjoyed in the presence of the pastor's son. Despite the muppet-like puppets, make no mistake - this is a very adult themed show!!

Next week Randolph College will be presenting their production of Avenue Q - directed by Jim Ackley and supported by some cast members from the community. When I heard that the show was going to be at Randolph College my first question was "a road show or are they trying to do this themselves?" And when I discovered that it was a local production, I was not sure that they would be able to pull it off. I am far more confident in the possibility of a quality performance with the addition of Jim Ackley. Jim was one of the key people who helped build the highly respected E.C. Glass Theatre program. I attended Amherst County HS, so I don't worship him - but I do think he is very talented and I am excited to see this upcoming show.

But I want parents to understand that this is not a show for children!! A quick look at song titles from the soundtrack will give you a clue: It Sucks to Be Me, The Internet is for Porn, Everyone's A Little Bit Racist and You Can Be As Loud As The Hell You Want (When You're Making Love) are just a few of the songs in the first act. Don't get me wrong...this is a great show. Hilarious. And I love listening to the soundtrack - in fact I really want "I'm Not Wearing Underwear Today" as a ringtone. But leave the kids at home. Or be warned...you will want a seat on the other side of the theatre from your kids. And I KNOW they will want a seat far away from you...because they will get the jokes, and laugh...and make you wonder!

If you're going - check out this website for ticket info.

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