Sunday, May 15

The Daze After Vacation

Wow - it can't be only a week since I was preparing dinner for 8 great Moms. Heck, I'm having a hard time relating to the fact that it was only two days ago that I sat on the beach to say goodbye to the ocean. Sort of a time-space continuum thing, I think. Only two days home and I'm already looking forward to my next time away!

Last week's Mother's Day dinner turned out great though! I go to the beach each spring with a group of women...I'm the young kid in the bunch. This year they kept talking about investing in a bus so I'll be able to bring them and their walkers/wheelchairs to the beach in a few years. Though they are mostly retired - trust me when I tell you that I don't see them needing that bus for a few more years (hearing aids...maybe...).

For the past several years our week at the beach has fallen over Mother's Day weekend and so I have taken it upon myself to prepare them an outstanding meal that evening. And each year (because I'm insane) I feel a need to top myself. I think the first year was poached flounder and maybe a chowder. I do something different every year, always with seafood (after all - it is the beach!!). This year, I don't know how I'll be able to top...

As with my blogs - I don't usually have plan when I start out. Once I get to the store and see what seafood looks good...then the wheels start turning. This year, I knew that I was going to do something with a Puttanesca - something reminiscent of the wine dinner at the river. So, I sort of had a plan.

Then as I shopped, I realized why it is best NOT to have a plan - because THAT'S when key ingredients are not going to be available! But a little substitution here and there, and the shopping was done. When I arrived home I wrote out a formal invitation on my personal stationary: The ladies of the beach are cordially invited to a four course wine event. 7pm. Dress to impress. First course - Spinach and Cheese Puff Pastry accompanied by Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc. Second course - Shrimp and Scallop Puttanesca over Cheese Tortellini accompanied by Merlot. Third course - Cheese course with Moscato. Fourth course - Chocolate Course with Red Wine. To be completed by a dessert wine.

Four courses - six wines. It was quite a production.

First of all - the ladies arrived late. Hard to understand how that happened since it only involved walking up the stairs on time...but bless their hearts...they had come up with an interesting interpretation of "Dress to Impress". I have been forbidden to share a photograph (but it is in my Blackberry and I will be keeping it safe). They each arrived wearing some sort of towel wrapped around their heads. It wasn't a particularly good look for most of them. Although - there was one member of the group who did a nifty scarf wrap using her nightshirt...and I don't know whether it was the color or her natural ability to look great in anything, but she really DID look good! Kinda cool bohemian look. Not many people could pull that off...but she is indeed unique.

The food turned out good and though many people favored the sweeter wines and the milkier chocolates - I think the adventure was embraced! By the final wine...there was raucous laughter and several people ran out of glasses to put all their different wines in. One of our party kept looking at the lady across the table from her and saying "I can't understand a word she's saying..." Of course, that was probably because she wasn't talking. Hmmm...perhaps I should eliminate a wine or two next year?

So - to the children of the "beach ladies" (who started with those "Happy Mother's Day phone calls" at about 8am!!) - you're welcome. I treated your Momma real nice for you.

Hamster having ocean withdrawals...

Please return to OBX at your earliest convenience.

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  1. I would Love for you to visit Tahoe ~ and I can't compete food-wise. You will have to settle for fresh veggies and grilled something if you are here for the summer. It sounds Lovely however and I am pleased you have turned into the quite the chef!!