Tuesday, May 24

Post #92

Not too long ago I was with a group of people - and I told them that I blogged. They didn't really know what that meant. (the same group also seems to have an unusually well-honed fear of Facebook...I see a need to dispel some myths....)

So I tried to explain the what, and why of The Beaten Hamster.

Tall order.

What - well that's fairly simple...it is a series of essays to the world. It is my random thoughts.

Part journal.

Part soap box.

Part promotion - ideas and activities...

Part counselor and confessor.

The mechanics are fairly simple. It is free. And I signed up through Google's Blogger. I love Google...We should all fall down and worship Google....wait a minute!!! Google is all powerful - we must love Google...

Where was I? Oh, right...I log in to a website and hit the button "New Post" and then wander through the dustbin of my mind for a topic. I type random words. Sometimes I get really fired up about something. Eventually I end it. Then I go over to Google (oh mighty Google...) and find some pictures to spice it up. My friend Chuck told me to. He's probably right. He's smarter than I am. (read his blog...he posts every day! He's cool.)

Then I hit the magic "Publish Post" button and there it is.

Then there's the "why" question...

If you remember the show Doogie Howser, MD - you'll recall that the show ended with a short journal post on his computer. It was generally thought-provoking and clever. I think "the Hamster" is similar. Just an observation...of the world...and sometimes an observation of myself.

Sunday - Pastor Rick preached a great sermon (despite his lingering cough - hope he feels better soon!). Part of it was addressing the idea that the church is NOT a building, the church is the people. I was remarking on it later with a friend. He said that it was a "You told THEM preacher" sermon. I had to agree - so often we fail to see our own imperfections...because we're SO good at seeing them in others. Looking forward to it appearing on the Centenary UMC website "Internet Chapel" - I think I'm going to give it another listen. As the saying goes "Being in church doesn't make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car."

See...random thought...but perhaps I need Doogie's skill of brevity.

He had a staff of writers though.

Hamster beaten.

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