Wednesday, May 4

Looking forward to Friday

It's getting Friday evening I will be at the Outer Banks. And I'm looking forward to relaxing. Sometimes I forget how.

And then I become somewhat difficult.

So it will be nice to unwind. I don't do a whole lot while I'm at the beach. I read. And lay on the beach. Sit in the hot tub. Drink. Eat seafood. Wander.

I'm going to miss being up on Corova Beach...that's the 4 wheel drive area above Corolla. I got to drive on the sand for the first time last fall. And I loved it. I could have spent every afternoon up there - I think we went up 3 days in a row.

But that was when Jenny was still alive.

New readers, do not be alarmed - Jenny was a truck. But a wonderful truck. She was a Dodge 1500 Ram Quad Cab - and I loved to drive her. And I loved being a passenger. But she was taken before her time. Sigh.

The first time up on the north beaches we went wandering off onto some back "roads". I use the term roads very loosely. If you leave the oceanfront part of the beach you are driving on a mixture of very loose sand (near the dunes) and something akin to back country lanes. One of the ones that we (I wasn't really in favor of the idea...but I got used to it)
drove along was pretty much a series of deep water holes. One that he drove through (yeah - I'm not crazy...I wouldn't have done it) I saw the headlight on the driver's side go UNDER WATER. I had a great time!!

The only bad thing was that driving through one of those many "puddles" - Jenny lost her license plate. And when we went looking for it the next day - we found her brush guard. Never did find the license plate though...

I'm going to miss that part of visiting the Outer Banks.

But I will make the best of it!!

I'll send pictures!

Hamster getting ready to disconnect for a short while...

Everybody needs a break to recharge, eh?

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