Monday, August 8

What the hell did THAT mean??

Last night nobody died in one of my dreams...which was a distinct improvement over the two nights previous.

Okay - let me throw out the two dreams and we'll see if any of you can come up with interpretations. Heck, maybe I'll even see if I can find some online interpretation tools.

Dream #1: The family and a bunch of friends are at the Riva Howse...except the Riva Howse is at the end of a small inlet...and it is a Biscuitville on the outside. Complete with drive thru. So a bunch of us are picnicking and having a lovely time in the parking lot at the top of this sort of crevasse that has steps going down to the river. And the kids are playing in the "river" and then I am with them in the river. An odd location, but everyone is having a lovely time.

Then the lime green alligators start showing up. I mean crazy florescent lime green alligators. And they are swimming right up to us in the river. I seem to be intelligent enough to get out of the water and I keep telling other people that I don't think it is a good idea for the people to keep swimming with these 4 strange alligators. But nobody else seems worried.

So I went inside. Now inside the Biscuitriverhowseville...there are all these ladies from the church circle. They are cleaning the kitchen. Except it isn't my is the kitchen that Nancy Heilman-Davis did a cooking show in when I was working in public access. But they can't get all the dishes to fit in the they start taking pieces of the dishwasher out.

Since I couldn't help with that crisis, I went back outside...just in time to see one of the lime green alligators eat Henry (the little dog companion of my friends Fred and Fay). THEN people wanted to get out of the damn water! So I helped haul people up the bank (all the while saying to myself "I told them this wasn't safe!"). The alligators kept floating around in the water. Fay still couldn't get the blender and the coffee maker in the dishwasher.

Dream #2 - the beginning is a little fuzzy. I can remember from the point that my sister Denise and I have two bad guys subdued on the bank of a lake. There is a volleyball net and tiki torches. There is a coil of rope. The leader of the bad guys shows up - she is a wiry little woman who is threatening us with torture.

Somehow I get the jump on her (in the dream she is being portrayed by one of my mother's friends from 20ish years ago: Jennifer Fidura - the director of the Central Virginia Training Center in the early 80s) and I get the rope around her. My sister Denise grabs her from behind and somehow ties her around the middle.

And then Denise just buttoned her coat up over Jennifer Fidura's she is dead. I can remember the most specific details about the coat. It is a black double breasted pea coat with big black buttons. The buttons are etched with anchors. It is a very heavy coat. It is a foregone conclusion that the woman is dead.

Then Denise and I are on the run (even though I didn't murder anybody...I seem to be culpable in some fashion...or perhaps I am just afraid Denise will button me up in the coat too) in her boss' Bronco. And we are driving in the hood someplace in Richmond...and she takes a wrong turn so we are at a dead end. Although no one is actively chasing us - she chooses to drive over the bank. Then we are driving over rooftops.

My sister Karen has now joined us - and SHE helps get the Bronco off the rooftops. Then we are in a grocery store. Then they drop me off. I am apparently house sitting - but other people are in the house, so I am sleeping in a room with bunk beds. And I want to tell the other people that my sister murdered a woman by buttoning her up in a pea coat. But instead, I go and weed a flower bed.

What the heck??

According to this dream dictionary...we can gather the following:

Alligators: Primal, stealth, direct or blunt, fast acting. Monstrous or having the ability to hurt someone without regret or compassion. Dreaming of this animal can represent: Having too much OR too little of one of these qualities (thank you SO much, ya big wishy washy dream dictionary). So I am either TOO primal and monstrous or I'm not. So helpful.

Dishwasher: "Cleaning up after you" in your life, such as dealing with the consequences of your actions, accepting responsibility for your decisions, or repairing relationships after you've been hurtful towards someone. OR could be cleaning up after someone else OR letting someone else clean up after you! Well...that makes it all as clear as mud.

Color (Lime Green): Can represent moods, feelings, or a sense about the object or situation where the color appears. Colors that stand out (not just the various colors of the dream setting) can be very important symbols. Consider also the hue and brightness of the color. For example, a bright green could represent something different from a drab green, or a pastel green. (Green = can represent life or new life, nature, freshness, vigor, coolness, or a relaxing environment). Yeah...this was not a relaxing environment. Especially for poor Henry. (A dog in trouble, sick, or overlooked can mean you may be overlooking a responsibility for yourself or your life.)

Possible interpretation: I have been cleaning up after myself and/or other people and I'm starting to feel monstrous and primal about it. I'm going to stop overlooking my responsibilities and pursue a new life.

I think I do just about as well with reading fortune cookies.

one from last night: You will meet exciting new friends.

(we always add "in the bed" after our fortunes. Hilarity ensues.) (also works with Hymn titles when you're not paying attention in church)

I think I will leave the second dream for you to figure out. I'm going to stop while I'm ahead.

Hamster smothered by a tiny little pea coat.

Denise did it.

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