Wednesday, August 31

mmmmm.....tuna....I like it!

So...haven't talked about food for awhile...

Today I had two great ahi tuna dishes. The first was at lunch at Shakers. I kind of forget Shakers sometimes, even though it is right near work. I think it may be because it sits low next to Candlers Mountain Rd...or maybe because it is hidden by that defunct credit union (was that place EVER open? I only recall it being empty...). Anyway, decided to eat lunch there today with my sissy Denise. And I ordered the Seared Ahi Tuna Salad. It was served over a bed of Napa cabbage with crispy wontons dressed in a wasabi dressing.

And when I ordered from our delightful server Meghan (who never let Denise's DDP or my coffee go empty) she agreed that it could be prepared extra rare. And it was absolutely perfect. I like my tuna raw (how raw? that tuna on the right? Burnt to a crisp. Inedible.)...and this was raw tuna with a bit of color around the edges. Sublime.

For dinner I met the Elvas at another forgotten restaurant: Bulls. I think I remember going there...twice. And I recall enjoying the food - I guess it just wasn't on my radar. Interesting restaurant. I think that the decor could use a little bit of a polish - except for the fact that the kitchen and the front of house are clearly well-run - I would nominate it for Restaurant Impossible on Food Network (far more fun to watch than Hoarders...although in one episode, I think that it was a hoarder running a restaurant. But I digress {rabbit trail alert!} as usual).

The company, the server and the food were all great. From the chips and salsa (homemade, I believe) to the raspberry parfait for dessert...very enjoyable. But the highlight was part of the an accompaniment to the nicely seared ahi steak...there was this butter-ish sauce. I couldn't identify all the components (which disappoints the foodie in me) but it was truly delicious (which makes the disappointed foodie in me shut the hell up).

A nice meal can enhance any sort of day...and this day got enhanced twice!

Life is good.

My T-shirt told me so.

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  1. Thank you for your comment om the proper way to eat Ahi tuna. If God wanted us to eat tuna crispy, they wouldn't live underwater where fire doesn't work :P

    A lot of people have not eaten well prepared food to enjoy. Keep sharing your wisdom. Simple pleasures. Enjoyable company.