Wednesday, August 3

Time and Perspective

Two weeks. Depending on the perspective - it has been a very looonnngg two weeks, but on the other hand - it has been too short.

For the past two weeks I've been running Kodiak without my right hand. It was certainly for a good reason...Carl has been in Brazil on a mission trip. But I can't say that I haven't missed him, especially at work. It is hard enough to be the queen, but to be the king at the same time...well, I've been busy. So - from that perspective - it has been a very long two weeks.

On the other hand - I had planned to get several things done, that are undone. Was going to mow the grass at his house. Didn't happen. Was supposed to get the oil changed in his truck. Nope. Supposed to get repair estimates on the damage to the bed of the truck (not damage I inflicted!) but that also did not get done. I had planned to wash and wax his truck. Um...I am pretty sure that she is dirtier now. But maybe it will rain on the way to Greensboro.

So - by these observations. Time is relative. Wouldn't Einstein be proud of me for figuring that out?

I suppose that one could argue that the reason the stuff on the truck list didn't get done is that I was busy with the stuff that made the two weeks so long... Even thought this is probably true - I'm still disappointed with my performance.

Yep...I think that my future shrink should definitely read my blog. I am indeed psychologically unbalanced. But at least I've stopped watching Hoarders. I still am terribly curious about how that rat episode (season 3 episode 41) turned out. (I decided to walk away...when the man was sitting in a veritable SEA of rats and feeding them from his hand) Obviously - this couldn't have had a great outcome. How do you deal with a sea of rats without some sort of mass execution? And how do you execute this man's friends without him having a Class 1 Freakout? So - I am curious...but I shall resist the impulse to see if the episode is on Hulu or something.

That could only lead to bad dreams.

I know that I constantly have strange dreams - I just can't recall them when I wake up. I need another interesting tale like the one from that Lowe's parking lot. Perhaps tonight will be something odd...I'll do my best.

As long as it doesn't involve bunnies or rats running amok in the walls of my house. Hamsters either.


  1. You need to ask friends & family to help you multi-task. No way to do things all by yourself ! Many tasks require multiple hands !! Dad

  2. Dad's right... I never would have kept up the mowing job this summer without his help. :) Ask and it shall be given... Or something like that.
    And now that Carl has his truck back himself, AND if he's reading this... ask for help in getting these things done. Ask more than one person even.