Tuesday, October 11

Opus and Bill...something to smile at

I need inspiration...to find something completely random and amusing to blog about.

Where to go to find something pithy?

I don't know about you folks...but when I'm looking for random, amusing and pithy...my hero is Berke Breathed. That's pronounced Burk Breh-thd. Not a very good phonetic spelling, I admit. Regardless of the man's name...he created one of the all-time classic comic strips. I speak of none other than Bloom County.

Now, there are a lot of folks out there who have never heard of the strip...especially if you're reading my blog...because the Lynchburg paper didn't carry it. I learned about it from my pithy and amusing friends in theatre. Specifically, one uber-cool chick named Meredith.

Now there is a girl who walked to the beat of a different drummer. The fact that she was friends with a dork like me...still never ceases to amaze me... I met her at the Lynchburg Fine Arts Center (all will now bow their heads and offer a silent tribute to that sacred artistic ground - now a parking lot for CentraHealth). She was (and I'm sure still IS) a fireball. This incredible combination of technician, singer, actor...never saw her dance much...but she was her own version of triple threat. She laughed louder and cared deeper than anyone I had met before. And she came with a pretty terrific family, too. They were this little pocket of very old souls...interested in art, music, theology, stars, moon...deep folks.

Anyway - Meredith introduced me to Bloom County. And I've been friends with that wacky cast of characters ever since. Even when Berke decided to stop writing the strip - I still enjoy the reruns.

My favorites are Opus: a penguin with big nose and self-esteem issues; Bill the Cat: a cat with personal hygiene issues and wouldn't know self-esteem if it bit him in the butt (doesn't know, doesn't care what anybody thinks about him);

and Oliver Wendell Jones. He's a genius. I think I relate to each of them. Sometimes I'm Opus... sometimes Oliver...and a whole lot of Bill.

Go out to the web and look at some comics today...and laugh louder than anybody...

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  1. As I read your statement, "now there are a lot of folks who have never heard . . . " , I thought I certainly have. And then I read further. :D :D :D Whenever I need to share something absolutely confidential, I share it with my "rose bush" - Thanks for this one.