Monday, April 30

Dancing! And Antiques!

I don't have a lot of vices left. I've quit most of them... But one that I still have is the fact that I relish watching Dancing with the Stars. Since my friend Chuck Taylor blogged live last week - I thought I would steal his idea and make my obstervations (and snarky remarks) whilst watching this week's Classical Night.

Down to 7 individual stars left. First up is classical singer Katherine somebody and Mark Ballas. Rumba. Mark seems to have forgotten his shirt tonight.

Commercial - which in my house means the remote control holder has switched to Antiques Roadshow. It is a cool old desk with many pigeonholes but bad restoration took it down to 8K from 25K. Time to go back...

Perfect timing - well, that was quite lovely. Odd. Like watching statues come to life. I found mark without the shirt distracting. Scores? Dad predicts 9, 9, 10. I predict 9, 10, 10. Reality is 9, 9, 9. That point goes to Dad.

Oh - next is Melissa and Maks. Not fond of either one. Antiques - holy moly a 35K map of NYC!! Now a lovely pair of bronze sculptures. Fake or not? Not fake! Dude is so pleased. Paid $40 and they are worth 9K. Got caught up in a lovely painting worth 30K.

Missed what I suspect was Melissa and Maks sniping at each other and her whining about some injury. Arrived in time to see the cyclone of Argentine Tango. The lifts were awkward. The judges agree with me. Maks wants to say something but is staying quiet. Len liked it better than the other two. Dad predicts 7, 7, 7. I think 7, 8, 7. Damn Dad hit it on the head again.

Next will be William Levy and Cheryl. And that cute little girl who sings like an angel. Antiques - ugly plates. They'll be worth a fortune because I hate them. Japanesque Aesthetic movement. Only 3K. But damn ugly.
And we're back...Viennese Waltz. Oh, bad ankle. Hold your breath Chuck. Well - very lovely. (Sidebar - it is unreal that little girl can make that sound). Judges are very complimentary. Dad says 3 9s. We both agree there might be a 10. I think it would come from Bruno. Reality is - exactly what Dad said. 9, 9, 9. He is 3 for 3. Maybe he should get a gig with local dance studio as a judge.

Antique Roadshow has the most incredible German clock. 8K but the owner didn't seem thrilled. Now an unusual table - sort of mosaic. Looks like a crazy quilt of stone with an Italian scene in the middle. Holy crap - that is a micro-mosaic. Only 10-15K? That is something!

OMG - another Marathon commercial. Why are they pushing their american image so hard? Makes me wonder what they are covering up.

Ok. Roshon and Chelsea. He's kinda swishy and awkward. He is being given pointers on being more masculine. He sure could use it. The dance seemed long. I don't think that bodes well... Len called it clean and confident. Bruno makes a vaguely creepy comment about size not being everything... Carrie Ann gushes. Ick. Dad says len will give him a 7. I called it! 9, 8, 8. One point for me!

PBS is in the commercial phase of the hour. You can figure the last 5 minutes are useless. Ugh. Commercials. Since I got DVR I don't usually watch these!

Time for Donald Driver and Peta (?). He has an incredible smile. Ah. Opera. I thought that was perfection. But was that a lift? Carrie Ann didn't see it though! Dad is scooping ice cream but says 9, 8, 9. Mom says 9s. I say 9, 9, 10. Mom wins that one.

Brooke is still pathetic. Blech.

Time for Derek and Maria. The Pasodoble. She needs to quit chomping that gum! Commercial!!

Wow that is a huge piece of wood! Oh, back at Antiques Roadshow. Big stacked pair of dressers. 24K
Oh - scary creepy doll. Changing channels. I don't like dolls.

Hmmm...I must have missed Dad offering us ice cream...

The dance. Well...that was intense. Freakin' awesome. I loved it. Is that linday lohan's dad in the audience? Judges very impressed. Nice choreogrpahy. Dad says this might be the first perfect score. Mom agrees. I just have to be obstinate and call it 10, 9, 10. Yep - they did it! Happy to be wrong.

Mom just said, "when are they going to get rid of Brooke?" I agree. Where do I go to vote her off?

Antiques - strange square beaked carving of an eagle. I would have passed it over at an auction. Worth 35K!! The owner is stunned. Now a girl with a bronze - Dad says it looks like a hood ornament. Very pretty. It IS a hood ornament. Dad is on fire tonight! (He did well at Teen Jeopardy too). 20K. The girl is near tears.

Jaleel is preparing for Viennese Waltz. They do work well together. None of that sniping and whining of some couples. Well...that was very pretty. Dad said he didn't feel the uniform didn't seem period. I thought it made his butt look big. Judges not very pleasant. Our armchair judges predict: Dad 8s, mom thinks 8, 7, 8. Dad continues his streak.

Team dances coming up. What else are they going to fill the next half hour with? I'm getting tired.
At the roadshow - a dumpster diver found some sort of artwork. Watercolors on pith paper. 3K. Dude is pretty pleased. Now an ugly vase. 2K

Mmmm...Klondike bar. Pretty singing. A 30K chinese scholars mountain that just looked like a big chunk of wood. Now some sort of urn. Gaudy stuff. I'm afraid I would have used it as a cookie jar. 10K.
Time for Team Tango. With Derek and Mark's choreography - that was really impressive. Unique. The little hats distracted me. The judges were not terribly favorable. Until it got to Carrie Ann - who thought it was excellent. I don't know how to predict that.

Oh great - more drivel from Brooke. Somebody shoot her.

Dad predicted it 10, 8, 9.

Last dance will be Team Pasodoble.

Roadshow - oriental rug. I just don't get those. I think they are hideous. Mom says she and her cousins used to color in the worn areas on her grandmother's with colored pencils. Wonder what the experts would say about that? Some guy in a hideous shirt has about 95K in prints.

Back to dancing - debate on whether to dance with shirts on or off...I know my vote! And yes, halfway through - the shirts came off! It was good - but the lighting effects overwhelmed the dance. Melissa was awkward as usual. Judges loved it. Dad says 28, Mom isn't saying anything - she seems to be drooling a bit. Oh, william's chest is filling the screen. Only 26.

This has been I'm going to bed!

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