Tuesday, April 24

Random Post from a Bad Slacker Hamster

Not sure why it has been so long since I posted...sometimes I go through these dry spells without a topic. And so when I sit down at the computer I find myself playing a couple of silly games on Facebook (like Press Your Luck, based on the classic game show...complete with Whammys!) or a couple rounds of Jeopardy (which I consider a mental training exercise). And then I look at the tab on my browser where The Beaten Hamster is with a guilty sigh and go pet the cat.

So tonight - with or without a topic - I post!

Time for random topic...I will now go to the MSN news website and will choose an area of interest (I think there are tabs on one side...I will pick the 4th from the top) and see if I can be either amused or fired up about one of the stories in that area. I think I will pick the 5th headline. Here I go.

Oh my...I'm not sure I could have picked worse. The 4th tab is Money. I don't have Money. At least not that I spend time thinking about investing. Yes, I have an IRA and will start putting some more into it now that I am gainfully employed again. But Money holds no fascination for me.

Once I was at the beach with a person who watched Financial News Network for hours on end. What a completely foreign concept to me. I compare that kind of stock ticker devotion with wearing a scale on each foot to monitor your weight.

But since I had sworn to pick the 4th tab - I figured I should continue on with my chosen path and picked the 5th "top story". It is an article from a financial adviser named Cramer who is telling us all to "grab a piece of Facebook if you can". #1 - although I have heard that FB is going to have an initial public offering of stock, I don't have the vaguest idea when that will happen. #2 - if I had Money to invest...I'm not sure that I would invest in the future of Facebook. Dude makes some good arguments...including the fact that among young people using FB is probably more common than teeth brushing. #3 - it sounds like the shares are going to be hard to get your fingers on.

I'm going to try one more random headline...but I'm picking the area of interest right now - Entertainment. 7th top story. Here I go.

Oh PLEASE!! From something called "Wonderwall" - the 7th Hot Gossip story is "Lindsay Lohan Tripped Up By Surveillance Video, Doused by Drink?" There is just no way that I'm going to stoop so low. If you want to enjoy the continued downward spiral of the girl I loved in The Parent Trap, read here.

Last try - before I go watch Dancing with the Stars - back to MSN. First tab, 2nd story. "news" "Payments to mistress 'smelled wrong' former aide to John Edwards testifies "

I give up. For something really entertaining - I give you this from icanhascheezburger.com

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