Thursday, April 12

A Goofy Post

I feel a desire to post - but I want it to be something goofy...been too serious lately. So I'm off to look at a random couple of...comic strips. (just decided that) And I shall make it from my personal favorite (okay ONE of my personal favorites) Bloom County. Be right back.

How did I choose this particular one? I decided to go with one of my favorite numbers 1111 - so I picked January 1, 2011. And this is indeed a favorite.

If you are not familiar with the strip - the penguin is Opus. He has self-esteem issues, has played in a band, once got nose reduction surgery (that was thankfully reversed) and wishes that he could really fly. He is a gentle soul. The goofy smiler is Portnoy, a groundhog. In general he is pretty this goofy smile is a little out of character for him. And the rabbit is Hodgepodge - who later mates with a Basselope (cross between an antelope and a basset hound, of course) and they have a litter of Jackabasselopes.

I worked for a while with someone who was this perky in the mornings (!) and I sometimes wanted to whack their goofy smile right in the teeth. Love you honey! Eventually she not only came to embrace my morning surliness...she actually found it amusing.

This is fun...I'm going to get another one. This time I'll go get 11/11/11....I wonder what it will be!!

Enter another favorite character - Cutter John. Cutter John is a wheelchair bound Vietnam veteran who indulges the space fantasies of the meadow creatures. Opus gets a mite out of hand from time to time. Cutter John is not bound by his wheelchair but rather sees it as an extension of his body. He even flew it once in an ill-fated adventure that left him trapped on a desert island with his accidental companion Opus.

Yep - this is a great comic strip and I will enjoy perusing the archives over at They have Calvin and Hobbes too! I may have found a new favorite site for relaxing. But you know - I still love icanhascheezburger!

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