Tuesday, June 5

An interesting day

I sit here...fingers poised over the keyboard. The cat is sitting on the desk and purring so loud I can hardly think. Perhaps that is the excuse that I will give for not having a topic. The cat is too loud.

During the day I encounter things that make me think "I should write about that..." and then when I sit down - there is a dial tone in my head. I often ask my teenage nephew what is going on inside his head (you know - when you see that empty expression). Our inside joke is that he replies "just bees...only the sound of bees". That is what I've got going on here right now...accompanied by deafening purring and some soft instrumental music.
My day was very full today - I got to accompany the Rush Homes development guru and the head of the project committee to Christiansburg to meet with the team at Community Housing Partners. CHP is this super organization that provides everything from architectural design to property management for housing developments. I was impressed from the moment we pulled up in front of the building. The individuals who are working on the potential Armstrong Place project could not be more professional or show more expertise. During the meeting I learned a tremendous amount just by listening - but I also felt that I could offer input or ask questions without fear of being brushed aside as a newbie.

It is true that I am very new to the area of housing. My skill set is growing every day! Sometimes I even feel like I know what I'm talking about when I talk in "alphabet" like Jeff - stringing together nonsensical groups of letters... DHCD, TCAP, LIHTC, VHDA, HCCP.... And I got a bit of an inside look at how very difficult the process of even getting a project to consideration is - let alone getting the shovel in the ground!! The balancing act of budget vs. points on an application vs. providing housing that is suitable. I know one thing - I don't want Jeff's job!!!

After this intense meeting...we got to relax for a nice lunch at Due South BBQ (thank you Joshua). Since regular readers know what a foodie I am...I have to share! I had just had BBQ (well, pulled pork anyway) at the choir picnic on Sunday...I decided to get the smoked chicken wings and fried green tomatoes. That was an excellent choice. The wings were smoky and flavorful all by themselves...but at the table there were no less than four different sauces to slather on anything you wanted. I pretty much fell in love with the sweet and tangy "Sweet Brown" sauce. There was also sweet red, hot red, some mustard stuff (I skipped that one) and that spicy vinegar stuff that I think people from North Carolina like...

The fried green tomatoes were the second best I've ever had in my life...the ultimate ones are down in Little Rock, and I've only had them once...they were crispy on the outside, coated with a breading that didn't fall off with the first bite (!) and soft and tangy on the inside. I ate them alone, ate them with sweet brown sauce and ate them dipped in what I assume is ranch dressing. I'd like to go back and get their version of a BLT which is made with a FGT, because I think that would be sublime.

The other thing I need to go back for is the Fried Dill Pickle Spears. I thought about getting an order today, but since I was on somebody else's tab...didn't want to be piggy! Besides - I barely finished the meal that I had!! If you are anywhere near Due South BBQ...Go. Eat. Now.

The cat is now quiet.


  1. couple of things: my church in Lynchburg, First Christian, is also into the Rush Housing. And, Michelle has us frying pickles whenever we deep fry veggies on the deck for a crowd. With her batter - very light and nice - they are actually good. I was surprised.

  2. Nice blog--Crazy cat ! Dad