Tuesday, June 26

Shhh...don't tell Mom...

Was spending a relaxing hour hanging at the Riva Howse this evening and got an unexpected visitor. I had noticed a small furry fellow heading down to the dock (no, not a brother-in-law joke) and as darkness fell the little guy came back up the stairs and started talking to us. Rather a pitiful meow...

Rude Cat
After a bit he got up the nerve to come closer and closer to the table where we sat enjoying a late evening beverage and conversation...and like my home cat (Rude Cat)...became a bit louder and louder. Although I mentioned to him several times that he should head on home because my Mom was not interested in adopting any four-legged strays - he finally ended up within arm's length and was swept onto my friend John's lap.

To be named cat

I expected him to spook, scratch and run away...but instead he settled down and enjoyed being petted. He kept up the meowing and I asked him if he'd like a leftover burger or hot dog from last weekend. John agreed that since the little guy's ribs were prominent - he would enjoy a meal. So we settled on a hot dog which I broke into very small pieces. They were consumed with great gusto...so I think the Riva Howse now has a cat.

My sister Denise has always discouraged the feeding of random cats and dogs (humans too...but that is a whole other post...) because if you feed them...they'll keep coming back. So, don't tell Denise or my Mom. Okay?

Now the little guy needs a name. Suggestions so far are: RC (river cat), Midnight (Dad's suggestion. Short for "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" which he decided is too long. Acronymically that could be MitGoGaE....Miggie?), McRib (because the ribs are all you feel) and perhaps Moonpie (the moon was rising). Thoughts?

Hamster? or would that be confusing?

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