Tuesday, November 20

A present for me!

Many years ago...I don't remember how many...I became an Ambassador. Sure, it would be cool to say that I was the Ambassador to Papua New Guinea or San Salvador or someplace exotic. I think it is equally cool that I am a Maker's Mark Ambassador. It was free to sign up, they give me first crack at a barrel of bourbon whiskey that began its aging process when I signed up, they sent me personalized business cards identifying me as an Ambassador (yes, they are in my wallet) and a few times each year they send me presents! I've gotten playing cards and gift wrap and an ice tray designed to make ice balls - never have made any ice balls but it is nice to know I have the tool to do it!

Tonight it seems as though I have two presents - Mom just informed me that there is a surprise for me in the dining room and she is bringing it to me now! It is (drumroll please) meringue cookies!!!! Oh, I love them. They are light and crunchy and these are full of tiny chocolate chips and bits of pecan. What a wonderful treat!! Isn't it fantastic when someone thinks enough of you to make you a special gift? I don't know what I might have done to deserve it...but I'm really happy to have them. In order to get the top on them it looks like I will need to eat six or seven....

Now to open my present from Maker's Mark...if I can get the cat off of it. (another drumroll, please) Oh, how cute and clever! It is 3 gift boxes (remarkably in exactly the right size to give someone a bottle of Maker's Mark) that make it look like you got somebody a tacky gift like Cat Weights. Although I'm thinking that Rude Cat might need a workout sometime. The only exercise she gets is screaming at me.

Well, a nice end to the day. Surprise gifts are awesome! Give one to somebody today! Might I suggest a grateful recipient? ME!!

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