Saturday, November 17

How did I get myself into this?

Just got home from a marathon blocking meeting with the director of Centenary's Christmas musical. I love this director like a sister...oh that's IS my sister! This year Denise has bit off a giant project for the "children's Christmas play." This year Centenary UMC will be performing an original musical - Lost and Found on Christmas Eve. Yep, original. As in written by people from Centenary.

A few months ago our minister of music Danny Moore got together with my sister Denise and let her know that he had a whole bunch of original songs that he thought would be great for a Christmas musical. She promptly decided to write the dialogue that connects them all together! In fact I think she wrote some of the script without actually reading the songs that she was connecting... But the result is a fantastic musical that will be enjoyed by all (December 15 at 4pm).

A cast of 30 will bring Danny's music and Denise's script to life. The story involves a young college student who can't go home for the holidays because of work - so his mother decides to send his younger sister to join him for Christmas! The surprise goes horribly awry when Nicole's backpack is stolen at the airport, taking her cell phone, brother's address and all her money with it. The plucky young lady is not to be deterred and she believes that a Christmas miracle will help her find her brother. I won't give away the plot - but I think you can expect a happy ending!

I, of course, have been, make that a sort of production savant. (I must confess that I not only hate musicals...people launching into song for no particular reason...I am also not fond of children). During the show I will be running lights and sound. Prior to that I also have the small tasks of set design, construction and keeping my sweet sister on track. Talk about your Christmas miracle!

It is an interesting challenge - helping she and Danny translate the visions in their reality. As much as I would love to see a tightly choreographed opening sequence of 20 airport travelers doing spins and dancing with their rolling suitcases...the reality will be somewhat more subdued. Even though it may not be Broadway - the audience will love it! But I have had to quash several grand ideas:

- a giant snowball rolling down from the balcony (think Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom)
- children singing while briskly walking down the aisles with their suitcases
- angels flying
- drummer boys with actual snare drums

Blocking took about 2 hours to plan - hopefully it will take about 45 minutes to convey to the ensemble. Things are going to get interesting. I have some decent scene painters - but I could use some choral risers, a few wireless lavaliers and would love a full blown light kit with dimmer pack. Seriously. Call me.

And if someone can come sit on the director on December 15....

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