Friday, November 16

Back from the void...

Another two week lapse in posting...

I admit that I was not motivated to post during the midst of the election furor. I have many opinions and I feared that in expressing some of those, I would lose friends and family. It saddens me that the election polarized so much of the country. If you weren't standing on one end or other of the playground screaming about how right you were and how wrong the other guys were...I guess you were the clueless guy driving his invisible car around swingset supports. C'mon - we all went to school with one of those. The one at Madison Heights Elementary drove his imaginary car around the school and playground until 7th grade when Mr. Holt stopped him and said, "you're going to be in Junior High next year - if you don't stop driving your invisible car now - you're going to get your ass kicked next year." I thought he was remarkably insightful. If that happened in a school today I think Mr. Holt would have been fired and/or sued.

Anyway -- I digressed from my original point. There are passionate people on each side of the political aisle. But if they don't start listening to each other and finding common ground, we are going to find ourselves unable to move forward on anything at all. And anyone who chose not to participate and learn enough to make an informed choice needs to get Mr. Holt to straighten them out.

I was having a conversation the other night with a person from the opposite side of my political viewpoint - he was unaware of what my political viewpoint was and I do not believe he cared to hear any of my thoughts. So, I will correct myself - I did NOT have a conversation about the election the other night. I was subjected to a rant the other night. When I suggested that it was disappointing more white men (the demographic of what this person believed to be the core of all political wisdom) did not choose to vote - I was informed that they have all become disillusioned by the process. "They've all given up - it just doesn't matter to them."

Well, excuse me for saying this, but that is just SAD. An apathetic populace is truly the antithesis of democracy. Only through participation can we truly make progress.

Well...dang...I didn't mean to rant....Perhaps now that is out of my system I can go back to blogging with my rare insight and humor. Or maybe I'll just keep putting up pictures of funny cats. Either way...I'm back!

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  1. I agree. I never openly discuss politics or religion simply because in both every side's opinion is believed to be the right one. Too many toeing the party line. Awesome to have you back!