Tuesday, January 8

Random Conversation Post

I had a dream last night - well, technically it was this morning...and dang, it was ODD! I've had odder (I think the one with the lime green alligators and the one with the little jeep rank right up there) but I'll share anyway. In the dream I was involved in a production of a musical with children (right there, you know this is a departure from reality because I don't like working on musicals or with children). The musical seemed to be an original production that was a combination of The Little Rascals aka "Our Gang" and Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. The kid who was playing Tom was acting like a little diva before the show one evening and the director decided to punish him by having "someone else" perform the role that night. So the director turned to me and said, "you can do it, go put on his costume and get on stage." Um...sure...in the dream it all seemed to be perfectly logical. I would go out and lip sync to a recording of the little brat doing the role. But then the sound booth didn't get the message about using the recording so suddenly I'm on stage in a child-sized sailor suit trying to do the show with a script in my hand. Then we got to the part in the opening number where Tom gets hit by a car - which I did spectacularly and then the opening number continues around my supposedly unconscious body. I just remember feeling so relaxed as I lay there on stage trying to find my place in the script while the cast was singing "oh Tom...why'd ya have ta do it?"

#1 - what?  #2 - I think there may be a viable musical in this...

My deep thinking co-worker found it all to be very much related to my life and work - feeling put into a situation where I don't know what is going on, but going forward anyway. Getting hit by the car is some sort of foreshadowing of crisis.... I forget the rest of the analysis. I need him to go back to the alligator dream and figure that one out now.

Since this can't possibly be a complete post - I shall go and spin the Random Questionizer for a random topic: What is your favorite store in the mall? hahahahahaha! The Questionizer doesn't know me very well does it? I hate to shop. I only go to the mall to go to the good movie theater (and that is 75% for the popcorn). I went to the mall one other time in recent memory and that was to go get a sandwich at Hickory Farms...or whatever they call the sandwich shop now. I always loved the #3 sandwich with beefstick and smokey bar cheese. But I must admit that I found it unsatisfying. The pita bread immediately tore, the ratio of mustard to mayo was unbalanced, it needed more cheese and I think that the Italian dressing they provide now is gross. It has a strange viscous texture that I find off-putting and when you put it on torn pita - you get Italian ooze on your shirt. Yep, not going to the mall for anything but the movies any more. But I do have fond memories of the mall of yesteryear: the waterfalls were a great place to sit and read, the original Original Cookie Company made rocking cookies, Orange Julius had great fries and drinks and hot dogs with unusual toppings, KB Toys was a place you could easily kill an hour....

One more: oh...wow...this is an interesting one. What is your dream job? I want to be clear - I like the job that I am doing now. And I think that I do it well. But I also know it isn't my dream job. I haven't figured out what I want to be when I grow up. I have been exploring several options for my future - some that I'm not ready to share with the world. I know that I enjoy sharing knowledge with people - all kinds of knowledge. I have great passion for food and cooking, but I know that I wouldn't be happy as a line cook in a restaurant. I have been enjoying cooking lessons with the JIFF kids on Thursday nights. There are a lot of possibilities.

If money were no object and I could do anything I wanted for a job? Can I be a culinary instructor librarian who preaches on the weekends? Restaurant critic/wine educator? Can I be Alton Brown? Maybe tonight's dream will be about a dream job!

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