Sunday, February 13

random Sunday evening thoughts

I know I need to post - because I promised Chuck. But I'm not sure even as I type this - what is the topic?

It has been a busy Sunday. Perhaps I'll start at the beginning:

at 6:10 this morning I woke up and went back to sleep - aiming for an 8:30am wakeup call. Those two hours of sleep were punctuated with dreams of running late. In one dream I was running late for handbell rehearsal at 9:30. I seemed to be at a Dennys with Mom and Dad - they were unconcerned I was late. Then I had made peace with the fact that I was running late for handbells, but knew I was supposed to be teaching Sunday school. Instead I seemed to be at a giant Lowes. More of my family was there. Then (in the dream) I remembered that I had my car with me. But it wasn't my current car - it was a Fiat that I had years ago. And it wouldn't start. But (even though it was a two-seater) my sister insisted on riding with me and giving a ride to two large ladies who she had found in the parking lot. I kept telling her the car wouldn't start - but she said that was okay with them. So we are sitting in the parking lot of this giant Lowes with two large ladies sitting in a non-existent jump seat. And then it started raining.

So my sister said, we will just hook up to one of these scooters and it can pull the car to church. And so she went into the store and borrowed one of those scooter/carts. Then when she got back, it turned into a child's electric jeep. But we hooked up the Fiat to it and started off for the church. My nephew Braeden (who is 3) was driving the jeep. By now, I was frantic that I had not only missed handbell rehearsal - and Sunday School - but now I was going to be late to the service. And I was reading the scripture. And the jeep was going about .5 mph and Susan kept saying - its alright.

It most certainly was NOT alright.

And the feeling that I woke up with this morning...has pretty much stayed with me all day. I think I shall end this and go back to bed. Tomorrow is another day. And today - I was there for everything I was supposed to be there for...I have just felt weird all day.

Hamster disoriented - perhaps over-beaten.

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  1. You know me... I'm not going to pick up large ladies to ride with us. I know that you don't like passengers anyway! So glad that day is done. Must have been something in the air on Sunday, because I dreamt that I was riding a city bus (you know I'm dreaming) and I stepped off of it to get my dvd (redbox to be returned ofcourse)out of the player at the bus stop. When I turned to get back on the bus (where ALL of my personal belonging were) it pulled off. I spent hours running after the bus but it never stopped again.