Tuesday, March 19

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Pleasant Cat
Doesn't someone need a nice little cat? I thought we had a home for Avocado...but that fell through. And my "kids" are just not going to get along. I guess I had this vision of the two of them holding paws and singing KumBaYah after a getting to know each other. Just ain't gonna happen. My forever cat - Rude Cat/Toey/Chloe just loves me so much that she wants me all to herself. Completely understandable - I am pretty wonderful. But all this adoration (in the form of hissing, growling and stalking) is getting old. So I continue to seek a forever home for 'Cado. She is a nice little cat - loving, energetic, curious, and very patient. She continues to ignore the inhospitable conditions of her foster home - but I think she'd like a family to call her very own. If you're interested just go to the Angels of Assisi website for the cat adoption application. I'll even split the adoption fee with you!

Rude Cat
Enough of cats... In fact, here is a list of things I don't want to discuss today: sequestration, limbs falling on neighbor's carports, taxes, software installation, meat (gave it up for Lent....), weather, regulations or project development. Soooooooooo......something positive......or interesting......or random.......

Ah! Random!! To the Random Questionizer!!

Forsythia - please don't shape into balls...that makes me sad
What is your favorite season?
Oh, what a good question RQ! Usually it is the season that I'm anticipating. Right now my favorite season is Spring (the groundhog got it all messed up this year) because it is just around the corner. I love the fact that we've had jonquils (daffodils) blooming - even though they spent some time covered with snow. I look forward to the forsythia and the dogwood and the redbud bursting into bloom. Virginia has some of the best flowering trees. But in a few weeks I will probably hate Spring because my sinuses will be all irritated from the dang flowering trees. Then I will be looking forward to my favorite season, Summer! Getting to go swimming in the river with my family, eating picnics at the Riva Howse, the feeling of grass between my toes. But after a few weeks I will hate Summer...too hot, too many kids, too many bugs and too much grass to cut. Then I will be looking forward to my favorite season, Fall! Cool crisp days, evenings by the river curled up by a fire.... Well, you get the idea. My favorite season is the next one!

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? I'm not grown up now!! As a child I can remember wanting to be a teacher, botanist, mechanic, gymnast, baker...I even opened up my very own Flip Flop Repair Shop (to fix broken flip flops) but it failed for lack of customers. I was more successful running a backyard carnival to raise money for MDA. The carnival was about as well thought out as the FFRS - but I had a few more customers. My best friend Amber and I ran the whole thing - when she and I were counting the money her Dad kept putting in random bits of change that would make the total uneven. So her mother (who apparently liked even numbers) would add enough to round the total back up to an even dollar amount. Then her Dad would add in another little bit...I think we got an extra 15 or 20 bucks from their rivalry! Did I ever think that I would do the jobs that I have done so far? Nope.

Last question: Do you prefer to shop online or in a store? This one would make my sisters laugh! I prefer not to shop at all. In fact, I generally send one of them to buy clothes for me. I hate to shop. There are only two kinds of stores that I actually like to shop in: grocery stores (especially the specialty food areas) and hardware stores. I get practically giddy when I go into a hardware store. I love to look at all the different plumbing supplies and tools and stuff. I even love that smell - a combination of wood, paints, spirits, fertilizer and that something intangible that ties it all together. So - my favorite place within driving distance? Carson's Hardware in Concord, VA. It is a hardware store and a grocery store together! With a deli that has Boar's Head meats.

Wait...I said I wasn't talking about meat! Dang...now I want a sandwich...Easter can't get here soon enough!

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