Wednesday, April 3

Question #1 usual crutch of Random Questions to spark creative thoughts. I hope you'll excuse me, was really sick last week and the incoming weather is giving me a headache. 1st question!

Would you rather go without junk food for a year or TV for year? Oh man...could that have been a week? I think I could go without either for a week (but not both, let's not get crazy) but a year is taking an enormous amount of consideration. I think that if I had to choose - I would have to give up the junk food. No! TV. NO! Junk food....wait, can we define junk food? Okay...I'd give up the TV. And watch shows on my computer. No? Is that cheating? I know this shouldn't be that hard. Maybe I've discovered what I need to consider for Lent next year! If I define junk food as candy bars and chips, I'd give those up. But if it includes all desserts and stuff like popcorn at the to give up the TV. So, I'll go with giving up TV. And that's my final answer. (of what I would rather give up...but I'm not doing either one).

Here's hoping for an easier question #2 (fingers crossed)

What is your favorite holiday? wait...haven't I answered that one before? (hang on, going to look) Apparently I have not...Well, I wandered back through posts till I got to sometime late last summer, and didn't find it. The question on the table, therefore, is: what is your favorite holiday? I'd like to come up with some smart ass answer like "Arbor Day" or "National Pickle Day" - and I'd like to avoid the really obvious ones like Christmas and Easter. Favorite...does my birthday count? Assuming that my birthday does NOT count as a favorite holiday then I will have to go with Memorial Day because it marks the beginning of summer. I love spending time at the Riva Howse and especially spending time IN the river - so Memorial Day is the beginning of that season. During Memorial Day weekend the family gets together and has classic picnic-type gatherings, although the food is often non-traditional. Last year we had Cuban sandwiches. I'm hoping for a repeat this year!

Last question for the night (you can follow all those little blue links and read old stuff...)

What is your morning routine? I wake up roughly 30 minutes before I have to leave the house. I put in my contacts and stare at an old episode of Charmed, Boy Meets World, Friends, and Fresh Prince (yes, all of the above...I get bored easily). I put on clothes in exactly the same order every morning. I go upstairs, put on shoes and go to work. It is not so much a routine as a habit. I guess if I gave up TV... the routine would change. Stupid question.

That deserves one more question, but I won't promise to answer it....

What was the last movie you saw? hmmm...oh right...Admission with Tina Fey and Paul Rudd. was alright. Lily Tomlin was good. Before that we saw Oz the Great and Powerful - which I thought was great! Saw it in 3D and for the first time in a long time there were effects that I thought were worth wearing the stupid glasses (meaning stuff flew at me). I understand the whole concept of depth of field and crisper visuals - but the glasses usually give me a headache and I think that if I have to get the headache I should at least have stuff flying at me. The snowy poppy field scene rocked.

Hamster not totally beaten, but gently pummeled.

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