Saturday, December 21

An Observation

Friday night. This is the night that I'm usually up late because I LOVE sleeping in on Saturday mornings.

Such a gorgeous night sky out there tonight. Sometimes I wish a had a camera that could capture that sky... I've seen it done, breathtaking images. I see them in person and want all the people who are sleeping to get a chance to see them. (much in the same way that I enjoy pictures of breathtaking sunrises more than the experience of it in person) (but, from time to time, I enjoy those too.)

I realize that I get dragged into each season kicking and screaming...for a while I resist...
I refuse to wear a winter coat, ignore the existence of gloves, sometimes even drive with the window down.

It is my resistance to winter.

But then, on a night like tonight, I get to see the crisp beauty of the winter night sky. The dormant trees outlined in the silver of the moonlight.

And we make peace with each other.

I know winter must be endured to get to Spring. Which I will resist for a couple of weeks. Battle with the pollen and the bugs and want to hang on to winter for a few more days. And then I will see the wonder that is Spring...and make peace with the season.

The flowers help.

Winter solstice.

I'm feeling balanced.

My Christmas wish granted.

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