Friday, December 13

The return of the hamster...

Last published on August 20. That is what my blogger dashboard just told me. I got to check that...brb...

Shocked...I am simply shocked.

oh...holy frijoles...that can't be real.

nothing in September, October or November.

I am. horrified.

I loved writing this blog. What happened? Well, I was in this excellent play (Dearly Beloved with the Bedford Little Town Players directed by the lovely and talented Karen Hopkins). I owe you guys a post about that experience. Remind me if I don't get to that in the next week. I loved it - and met some really cool people. And I miss those folks. But all the driving back and forth...and there was a trip to the beach. A great time, but I really need a real keyboard to blog.

And sometimes...I just didn't knowif I had anything pithy to say

The phone is difficult. The best I can do is text because I can't do much with graphics on the mobile interface. Probably just me - and I can't resist adding the pictures. My friend Chuck Taylor (yes, THE Chuck Taylor...he wrote for Billboard. Interviewed Celine Dion. THAT Chuck Taylor. I'm one degree from cool writer) told me that it adds something. Gives it some pop or something.

Squirrel. some point I realized all my
pictures for this post were going
to be cats. This one sealed it.
This post isn't supposed to be about me. Or the fact that...I know! I've slacked for way too long. If I don't make the time to do something that I really enjoyed - writing - I've lost balance. I'll do better. I like the Beaten Hamster.

And this one is just ridiculously cute!

So - I'm going to create a whole new post. That will be TWO. TWO posts in one day. That has to give me points. The cool and creative kids, youth and creative adults deserve a post just about them. Not my personal navel gazing...

brb...and set your calendar/alarm/notifications or whatever to make sure you are at Centenary UMC at 4pm tomorrow (today...Saturday...I'm writing as fast as I can!) - December 14th!

Thanks for your patience.

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  1. Glad to have The Hamster back, unbeaten as it were! You or Meredith or somebody needs to teach me how to use other pictures in my blog than the ones I take. I do love your format as well as your content.