Saturday, February 5

A Late Night Post

Warning: I feel a navel-gazing coming on.

You know what sucks? How fast accidents happen. And how violent they are. I was reminded of that tonight. I wasn't in the accident - I watched it happen. And nobody was seriously injured, except Jenny. But since she is a truck, most people will not find that to be too serious.

But in the fastest span of time - an evening was changed. And it can't help but make you wonder all the potential losses there could have been in that moment. Thank you Lord for making Jenny the only damaged body in that incident. I would be writing a very different post if that were the case. But for a moment after I knew all was ok - big picture-wise - the possibilities washed over me. Not pretty. But standing in the darkened field by the street, alone - because I was completely unimportant at that moment - I couldn't breathe. And then I was grateful that all was ok.

And then it was just surreal - the rescue, LPD and fire dept arrived. In the span of minutes - which is why it is awesome to live in Lynchburg, Virginia. Everyone who responded was professional, efficient and caring. Great combinations. I'm proud to say that one of the firemen was a good friend - who I rarely see in person, but always impresses me. One fine human being he is. And wise - I often like his Facebook statuses (statii?) which are brief but thought-provoking observations on life. I got to see him performing his professional calling - and I am impressed a little more. So interesting when you see different facets of people's lives.

So, I experienced this event as a very involved bystander. And I hope that I take it as a reminder to appreciate people, life and the people in my life a little bit more. Because in the shortest of moments...a evening can change.

Navel-gazing complete. Hamsters beaten.

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  1. Well, Chris, welcome to my life.

    In a split second, 30 years ago, my life changed forever. 6 people died, including my parents, I and one other person survived.

    It does happen that quickly.

    I am glad that nobody was seriously hurt last night, but I will pray for you and Carl that it does not affect the future....