Tuesday, November 1

Blessings to be counted

It has been too long since my last post. How do I know? I actually got a complaint today! A lovely friend who said that she looks forward to my blog and was tired of reading about casseroles! One quick note though...the Chicken and Rice casserole was indeed very good. And after a couple of revisions, the Sweet Potato casserole is also... there is a lot to get excited about at the bazaar!!

I've lost my train of thought...got a phone call that distracted me. And then got an emergency call from the kitchen to help with the Hot Pepper Jelly (another offering for the Bazaar!). So now I'm not sure what I'm writing about.

I will say this: the friend that called was worth being distracted by. I don't know if you have somebody in your life like this - but this person is awesome. She (well...there was a 50/50 chance of it being a woman, right) exemplifies something that Pastor Rick talked about in his sermon on Sunday.

As usual - this is a rough paraphrase. If you want to hear the whole sermon and hear exactly what he had to say...then you can go to the Internet Chapel of Centenary UMC's website. So, don't blame Rick if you don't agree with my paraphrase. Anyway...he said that a truly Christ-like person is one who focuses on building up the people around them.

Since I've been having a little trouble with my personal evaluation of my self-worth recently (or at least I've become aware of the problem recently!) my friend has been an incredible blessing to me. And she reminds me how important it is to count your blessings every day.

So, I've started a new "note" in my Blackberry: Blessings. And once you start listing them, it is hard to stop. A selection from my list: Sunshine on my face, River, Mom and her warm spirit, Dad's gentle support, Denise, Warm kitty to sleep with, Pastor rick, Pastor liz, Good health, Bacon, Rain, Pebbles in creek, Home, Sight, Wine, Sharp mind, Car to drive, Pancakes, Blue tailed lizards, Music, Fall colors, Shakespeare, Canoe trips, Memorable moments, Brown eyes, Water bed, Sourdough bread, That I'm not alone, Tin roofs, Pecans, A friendly universe, Coke.

Start a list. It really does help.

I've also got a "note" in my Blackberry entitled "Things to Eat Someday". Organized by state and city. But that is another post for another day.

Because I'm also thankful for the place I'm headed to right now.

It's not the biggest or the best...but I love my hot tub.

Hamster beaten...I'll be back tomorrow...promise.

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