Thursday, November 17

Wisdom in Unusual Places

A friend wrote today on Facebook about Andy Griffith's wisdom. She is right - there is a tremendous amount that can be learned from Andy. I find great wisdom in the strangest places sometimes. I have friends who read a lot of self-help books, inspirational literature and eschew some of the more common forms of writing. But I've found tidbits that stick with me even in comic books. You learn a lot about how to treat people from the good example of Betty Cooper and the bad example of Reggie Van Dough.

Recently I found a new series in Archie seems that Archie had some sort of paranormal experience and saw two parallel futures. In one future he marries Veronica and in the other he marries Betty. In each storyline there are some interesting fates that I would not have predicted. In Archie Marries Betty, Veronica (pretty predictably) ends up with Reggie. And in Archie Marries Veronica...Betty is married to Reggie. But would you have suspected that Moose Mason is the mayor of Riverdale? Or that Jughead and Midge end up together?

Umm...sorry about that...I think I went down a rabbit trail. You're not really surprised are you?

So - great truths lie in unexpected places. Including Andy Griffith - I wandered over to the Internet Movie Database and pulled up some of their memorable quotes. Most of them still can make me smile. I share a select few with you:
Sheriff Andy Taylor: Somewhere wandering loose around Mayberry is a loaded goat. (remember that one??)
Barney Fife: They don't do things that way anymore. This is the Age of Science Know-How, electronal marvels.
Andy Taylor: You date one woman all the time and pretty soon people start taking you for granted. They don't say, "Let's invite Andy," or "Let's invite Elly." No, they say. "Let's invite Andy and Elly!" See, then it's "Andy and Elly"; "Elly and Andy". A then, that's when that woman gets her claws into you! (that's something to watch out for!)
Barney Fife: [through a megaphone while directing the cave rescue] Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their neighbor! Repeat! Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their neighbor!

Andy Taylor: Opie! Time to come in, son.
Opie Taylor: Aw Pa, just a little while longer... please?
Andy Taylor: Well, OK.
[to Barney]
Andy Taylor: Daylight's precious when your a youngen'.
Barney Fife: [about Briscoe's decision not to kill Ernest T] It's a wise man who knows not to push the limits of the law.
Briscoe Darling: [to Andy] He arguin' with me?
Andy Taylor: No; he's agreein' with you.
Briscoe Darling: Just so I know where I stand.

Barney Fife: [while relaxing on the front porch after Sunday dinner] You know what I think I'm gonna' do?
Andy Taylor: What?
Barney Fife: I'm gonna' go home, have me a little nap, and then go over to Thelma Lou's and watch a little TV.
Andy Taylor: Mmm-hmm.
Barney Fife: Yeah, I believe that's what I'll do. Go home... have a nap... and then over to Thelma Lou's for TV.
Andy Taylor: Mmm.
Barney Fife: Yep, that's the plan. Home... little nap... then...
Malcolm Tucker: [interrupting] For the love of Mike *do* it!
Malcolm Tucker: Do it! Just *do* it! Go take a nap, go to Thelma Lou's for TV, just *do it*!
[Opie has a crush on Thelma Lou]
Opie Taylor: Pa, just what can you do with a grown woman? (I know a lot of guys that want the answer to that one!)

Briscoe Darling: [Aunt Bee has hit Briscoe with a spoon] Ow! What'd you do that for?
Aunt Bee Taylor: No elbows on the table.
Briscoe Darling: [to Andy] That ain't fair; her hittin' first and explainin' the rules after.

Yep...keep looking for gems in those strange places. I'm off to read another cool Archie comic. Kevin Keller is getting married. What's unusual about that? Kevin is gay.

Got a problem with that? Let's discuss.

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  1. i'm a life-long fan of archie... and kevin has audaciously brought the fanchise into the millennium. so sweet.