Wednesday, November 2

Intelligence is Relative

Many evenings I get to relax and enjoy dinner with my wonderful housemates while watching two television institutions - Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. (I still misspell Jeopardy every time I type it...and spell check reminds me that I'm not perfect). I think it is a perfectly lovely way to pass an hour.

I must say, I miss the "shopping" part of Wheel of Fortune. If you're younger than 30 then you probably won't know what the heck I'm talking about. Once upon a time - when Pat and Vanna were younger (although, thanks to some sort of Faustian deal - they have not really aged...) the contestants had to "spend" the round's winnings on prizes that were grouped in a themed display. The prizes were way overpriced...and it seemed that folks rarely had enough winnings to get one of the trips. Instead they would spend their $5000 on a sofa, some lovely shag carpet, a modern art print and perhaps a silver tea service. And whatever else was leftover? You could get that on a gift certificate or "on account" - so if you were lucky enough to win another'd have the spare $40 to get the $1800 La-Z-Boy rocker. The advertisers must have LOVED the old shopping format though. After the contestant listed off the fabulous prizes they wanted to "buy" - good old Johnny Gilbert would laud the wonders of the Broyhill Carpet and the new Amana Microwave oven!

Perhaps on the game show network you can still see what I'm talking a young child I couldn't understand why someone would spend half their winnings on a couch! Sometimes the contestants didn't look too excited about their choices either..."yes Pat, I'd like the crystal paperweights for $550 and the ceramic umbrella stand for $300". I wonder how much of that stuff finally ended up in a yard sale for $5.50 and $3...

Tonight my beloved Jeopardy began its two week Tournament of Champions. I hate the Tournament of Champions. It is usually populated by uber-nerds who don't smile much. Two of tonight's three contestants had ZERO rootability. Hmm....that doesn't seem to be a word...

That brings me to the point of tonight's post...I think.

One of the reasons that I watch Jeopardy is the fact that I can answer half (or more) of the questions. I do really well in select categories: Food and Drink, Potent Potables, Bible names, and almost anything to do with TV. I know which categories I would avoid if I were a contestant. Nobel Prize Winners, European History and anything to do with Royal Lines.

During the Tournament of Champions I get a lot less questions right. That makes me sad. Like when I take the Jeopardy online test each year...afterward I just go to bed feeling like the stupidest person on the planet. Then the next night I watch Wheel and feel better about myself!

I look forward to the Teen Tournament. That makes me feel smart. Until the category is about Justin Bieber or Hannah Montana.

Hamster beaten. Promise kept.

Thanks for the support!

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