Tuesday, November 29

Laughter needed

I know I need to blog - need the distraction from the daily grind AND I need a laugh. But when I stare at the giant empty white space of the blogger interface...I'm stumped. What in the heck to write about tonight?

I even wandered back through some posts looking for rabbit trails that I didn't wander far enough down...but nothing appealed. I guess I'm in kind of a blue funk tonight. Rainy weather, missing a friend, stresses of a new job...it all adds up.

So I went to my favorite internet time-killer: http://icanhascheezburger.com to wander amongst the amusing pics in LOLcats. And even though I find my nerves occasionally grated by the grammar and spelling (that is supposed to be funny...but I find myself wanting to edit) - I never fail to find something to laugh at. Let me share a few:

Yep...I feel a little better now.

See ya tomorrow with a real post!

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