Monday, December 19

Random thoughts - Volume 11?

another edition of random thoughts...

On Sunday we wrapped up our study of the 12 disciples in the youth Sunday school class. The final disciple to discuss was Judas Iscariot. Personally, I've always felt kind of sorry for Judas. You see, I have great difficulty resolving the whole idea of predestination with free will. (I have a Presbyterian friend who has offered to help me with that...I plan on taking him up on it soon) IF Judas was destined to be the one who betrayed Christ...then did he really have a choice in the matter?

I actually didn't bring that topic up with my class on Sunday. I think that if it is something I'm struggling to understand, probably not the best idea for me to try to teach it! And I don't think that it is fair for me to wrangle with great philosophical questions with the junior/senior high youth. They are not guinea pigs for my ramblings. That's what I have this blog for!!

But one question I did bring up at the end of the character study of Judas of Kerioth: What would have been different about the world if, instead of committing suicide...Judas had actually repented and asked God for forgiveness? Instead of just being sorry - if he had wanted to be better? What say you hamsterbeaters?

Second random topic: the creation of another foodie in the world! As you know, I am an unrepentant fan of food. Especially unusual and culturally diverse foods. And I have been responsible for introducing a lot of folks to edibles that they might not have encountered without me. My nephew Jack would rather eat Thai food than pizza - pretty unique for a teenage boy. He has also eaten and enjoyed Indian, Greek, Irish... What I love about that guy is that he will at least try it!

This past weekend members of the Gravely family visited Lynchburg. Five of the ten (!) Gravelys crashed at our house for a couple of days. Ranging in age from 5 to 25 - we knew it would be best to keep the food pretty mainstream. Pasta, grilled cheese, pancakes, chicken. But since Carl is the emperor of our Sushi Club (second to me!), we HAD to go for sushi!!

And I wasn't real sure what the younger kids would eat while we were scarfing down raw fish in wasabi... But they accompanied the club to Kings Island and although they ordered the chicken strips with fries...there were a couple of adventurous souls who stepped out of their comfort zone. All four of them enjoyed the crispy noodles and sweet and sour sauce. At least 3 of the four tried a bit of Beef and Broccoli. And bold Mary even ate parts of a California Roll.

The real standout was our new foodie John. In addition to eating Beef Broccoli, he also consumed the leg of a baby octopus (he says that next time he will eat the head), and he became so adept at handling chopsticks that he was able to eat fried rice with them! That is pretty impressive stuff. He loved his chopsticks so much that he kept them and on Sunday afternoon was eating grapes and Hershey kisses with them. I told him that once he could peel the wrapper off the Hershey kiss with the chopstick then I would consider him my equal :)

The house has been too quiet without the gang here. I need Bobby building towers of blocks (and watching them fall) and Garrett pushing that phone toy around the floor. It is just too quiet to sleep now.

Random thought #3: I made shrimp and grits tonight... The shrimp were marinated in lime and orange juice (and garlic). The grits were cooked in half milk half water and full of cheese. Not so much a random thought as bragging...

Final random thought: My fantasy football team is very likely to win our 12 team league this year. Once again, not so much a random thought...

The hamster has left the building!

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