Saturday, February 5

The Day After

Today is Saturday. Coke Day. Whew. It is more welcome today than ever. If you saw yesterday's post then you know that I witnessed an accident involving a close friend. And we got to visit with Lynchburg's first responders and went for sushi and then to the ER.

Actually - I don't think I told about going for sushi before going to the ER. And I know that will seem like a strange choice. At first he had decided not to go to the hospital, but then on the advice of others (especially his momma) it just seemed like a good idea. And when he kind of wistfully said "you think it's okay if we go have sushi THEN go to the hospital?" I, of course, said yes. And it was great - and made the day seem a little better.

I had to ignore his demands that I drop him off at the ER. No, I'm not saying that I didn't drop him at the door before parking. He wanted me to just dump him off there and he would get a cab or something home.

After the surprisingly quick visit at Lynchburg General Hospital (about an hour fifteen...including radiology of his leg!) I delivered him home. He ignored MY demands to sleep on the couch in case he needed transport to LGH or needed a 3am grilled cheese or wanted anything at all. And when I came home - it was 1am. And that made it officially Saturday. Coke Day. And I savored it.

Day 5 of beating hamsters every day. Done. Hamster bruised but going to be ok.

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