Wednesday, June 1

Bambi = Tasty!

Okay - I know it will seem like a strange meal to eat by the river...but we basically had pot roast and potatoes and carrots tonight. And it was mighty tasty. But there was no need to invite Denise, because we were eating Bambi tonight.

I've never had an aversion to eating wild game. I'll try most anything. I'm sure that through the years I've eaten squirrel and rabbit at least. Although we are not rednecks ourselves...we are indeed redneck adjacent.

Some of the most interesting memories of my childhood involve campgrounds and brunswick stews. We were members of the National Campers and Hikers Association when I was real little. Somewhere we still have a couple of the leather vests with patches. Fringe leather. As I recall - we kids' vests were made of vinyl or something and they didn't survive the years. But Mom and Dad - and probably Karen and Denise had the real deal.

The patches were from various campouts we went to - including a Frostbite Campout (in January, I believe) and a wonderful visit to Canada. I think I was 5. We camped there and back. I recall a stop in Hershey Pennsylvania. That place smells INCREDIBLE! We didn't go to the theme park (I think I remember discussion of it...but was probably vetoed by $$) but we went to the factory. Which, at the time, you could take a tour of. I could have stood there watching those Hershey Kisses being made for an entire day. I still have a great love of touring factories - the process never fails to fascinate me. Remind me to tell you about some of the tours sometime.

We made another stop in Niagara Falls. I think that was when I declared myself Canadian. Apparently for a long time after that I continued to tell people I was from Canada. I do love it there.

We took the tour at the falls that goes underground and has observation from behind one of the falls. Everyone was wearing the same yellow raincoats. My parents had 4 kids by this time - and temporarily had one less. Yep, I got lost. Thank goodness I am charming (and that there were other NCHA people around) because they reconnected me to my Mom and Dad pretty quick. I just remember that it was dark and very wet. And loud!! The roaring water was wonderful. I am a true Pisces - I adore water in all forms. Ocean, river, lake, bathtub, pool, creek, pond, falls, mud puddle. I'm drawn to water.

As I write this - I'm wondering why I haven't been back... I've been to the Canadian Rockies on several occasions. And drove from New Brunswick to British Columbia on "The 1" (10 or 12 great days...I'll tell about it some day...but probably not all about it...) I've been to NYC - but haven't made it to the magic of the falls again. Maybe I've just been holding that experience for the right time. Perhaps that time will be soon.

Where was I? Oh yeah, redneck adjacent...

Dinner was good.

It is ok to eat deer.

Thanks Mom!

I feel drawn to water now...shower, then sleep....

Hamster is beat...g'nite hamsterbeaters!

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