Thursday, June 9


I have come to a decision.

I am going to stop feeling guilty about not blogging some days.

You see...I have an overdeveloped sense of guilt. I may have been Catholic in a previous life. Heck, I may have been one of those monks that beat themselves with canes in order to be more pious.

I just have to face the fact that I can't possibly do it all. At least not all the time.

Of course, having said that...I have a busy weekend planned!

I'd like to invite everyone out to the Yard Sale at Centenary UMC on Rivermont Ave on Saturday. 8am to noon. No breakfast being served...just piles and piles of treasures. I passed through there this evening and that place is full.

Sunday is Music Appreciation Sunday. The Handbell Choir will perform Kum Ba Yah (and quite masterfully considering the fine quality of tonight's rehearsal!) and the Sanctuary Choir will perform 4 spirituals. For a gathering of pretty white Methodists...I think we'll do very well.
Just need the Holy Spirit to put a little extra soul into it...

Then Sunday evening is the choir picnic.

I'll try to check in here once in awhile too.

But if that doesn't work out...

I'm not going to feel guilty.


not much.


I need a 12 step program.

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  1. Chris ~ blogging is for You not for us. Knock off the guilt - at least about blogging. Write when you feel like it about what you want to say and we will love it or not. Your thing. Love you, dear one - the Mama Susan