Tuesday, June 28

Random thoughts - Volume 10ish

Party night. TWO parties! Whoot - I'm gettin' all craaazy!

Did Happy Hour to celebrate a birthday. Hmmm...been a little while since I've done a shooter of anything...but it WAS a celebration so I took my aqua-greenish beverage and downed it. Reminded me of Kings Dominion Days.

I (sort of) recall a series of shooters one night - one was called a Stoplight. One red drink, one yellow drink, one green drink. I understand that sometimes it is served layered...that bartender was not so skilled. But I remember that was the first night that I had a bar tab that topped $100. And (as I foggily recall) I didn't care. Working at KD was like college, but I got paid...and I didn't have to go to class. Otherwise, you spent the day working at a job that you liked (not that it couldn't have its challenges) and then lived and hung out with people that you liked. (not that THEY couldn't have their challenges).

And sometimes that involved some drinking.


Many times.

But not at work.

Anyway...back to the fellowshipping tonight...I had a great time at happy hour with da boyz. We had some good appetizers (one of my favorite food groups) and some fairly watered down booze. Thanks to the cool guy that picked up the tab for it.

Then I got to go to the second party - Sushi Club for the Elvas birthdays. Now you must understand, I would enjoy Sushi Club with Rush Limbaugh...THAT is how much I love sushi. (hmm...not sure that both Rush and I would survive a meal together...) But this group is uber fun. We share a lot of interests and there is never any lack for conversation. In fact, there are usually at least two conversations going on at once.

We were at one of those giant tables that only exist in Chinese restaurants. Probably a good thing - because I think we may have gotten loud a time or two. The sushi may have been hard to reach - but somehow we managed.

A good time was had by all.

But I still want more sushi...I'm addicted to wasabi. Is there a 12 step program for that?

Anyway - to wrap this back to where I started...I had a wild and crazy TWO party night...and I'm headed to bed about 10ish. But I still recall some days that I would just be figuring out where we were going at 10ish - and I think that I could still do it.

Just not as often.

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