Wednesday, June 15

#99 - and still I ramble...

Tonight seemed like a good night to celebrate the 99th edition of The Beaten Hamster. And perhaps look back over the past 6 months.

- when I started I thought it would be no problem to sit down and whack out a post every day. I don't think I was aware how much I would care about how it looked. I really hadn't thought about adding pictures. And that takes about as much time to do as the writing itself. I still look at the layout of every newsletter edition (I'm the editor of 2 - The Spire for Centenary United Methodist Church and Building Blocks for the Kiwanis Club of Lynchburg) and blog post.

- I still haven't figured out how to blog from my Blackberry. Sure, those posts would be without pictures...but sometimes I could be pithy AND brief. Well...maybe...You know, I was the layout editor for the Amherite - our high school newspaper. Had to do actual paste-ups for that. I loved the challenge of making everything fit and be readable and flow. So - I'm still pretty particular about the way things look.

- I still look at the stats on how many people look at the Hamster. And I'm still not sure how I feel about that fact. If you click on that word "stats" there....yeah ^ up will take you to a blog post that I wrote about my top three posts (most views) at that point.
And I just re-read it. And I still find #3 hilarious, #2 bone-chilling and #1 interesting. The "stats" post is pretty interesting. I think I shall go look real quick at what #3, 2, 1 are now. Hang on.
#3 - Very Sad Hamster with 56 views
#2 - Seatbelt Height with 61 views
#1 - Late Night Post with 91 views

So...we have a new #3. In fact "Random Sunday Evening Thoughts" doesn't even make the top 10 now. I have no idea if that is interesting or not. But "Very Sad Hamster" - like "Late Night Post" are very raw emotional posts. And each of them affects me to read again. I like the posts that I have written about people who affected my life. People like Joe Campbell and Kathleen Sihlanick. The great thing about both of them is that I know I remembered to tell each of them how very special they were to me - while they were still here. So, though I can't wait to spend more time with them in the next life...I don't have regrets.

- I find that sometimes the reason that posting takes me so long is that I stop and is pretty therapeutic. When I sat down to write this evening I was actually in a pretty bad mood. I'm irritated with some red tape and small minds in a part of my life...but stopping to realize that I'm so incredibly blessed with great friends, laughter and influences...makes all the petty stuff fade a bit. I'll bend and be able to fight another day. Otherwise I might topple like the tree in the storm. A beneficial side effect I had not predicted.

- Upon skimming through some posts, I realize I blog about food a lot. Car wrecks and food. And I still can't find a decent Cuban sandwich in this town. Unless I make it. Made Cubans on the grill on Memorial Day. They were delicious...once you carved the really burnt parts off. Will try again - maybe 4th of July? Or would that be Un-American to serve Cuban sandwiches for Independence Day?

- Random thoughts occur to me. They make no sense.

- I like Mexican Hairless.

- See? Random thought. Synaptic misfires.

Hamster thoroughly beaten this time.

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