Thursday, June 16

A post by email - I hope!

I think that I got the settings right so I can post from my blackberry. Or - as it has so often been lovingly called - my crackberry. (So says the i-addict) (nah - that's unfair. He's much better at ignoring the beeps and whistles of his phone. Hmm...I could learn something there.

So, it's not so much that I feel I have so much to blog about that I HAVE to be able to do it from the crackberry. It is just the covenience of jotting something pithy AND brief during a commercial. Or a sleepless hour.

Speaking of sleepless hours during the night. Thank God that they don't happen very often any more...but when they DO...I think we should be compensated in some way. Frankly - I want that hour back. I will take it in the form of an afternoon siesta - an extended daydream - even an extra hour that very morning! Or a cash equivelant.

I believe 30 bucks ought to do it.

What say you? I think I have my first political platform plank for Election 2012.

Okay - pushing the send button. Wonder if it will work? Me too!
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