Sunday, March 18

How did it go?

So - auditioned tonight for The Nerd. And family and friends I spoke with after ask the inevitable question, "How did it go?"  Hmmm....that is not an easy question to answer. Did I fall off the stage? No. Did I insult the director or break wind at an inopportune time? No. But how did it go?

I did make the choice to get out of my car, walk into the theatre and audition. So that, in itself, is an accomplishment. Even during the drive to Bedford there was the temptation to just go hang out at the bar at Ruby Tuesdays and not put myself "out there". But since I said I was going to try to do something that scares me every day (or at least several days a week) - I sucked it up and went for it.

And just walking through the door and seeing the stage...felt like home. I love the theatre. They always have faint smell of paint and sawdust and - something else. It sparks the memory of the first time I walked into the house (that's where the audience sits) at the Lynchburg Fine Arts Center. I remember every detail. The green carpet, the brick walls, the stage...and the smell. Way back then, it was to audition for A Midsummer Night's Dream. Shakespeare. (yeah...I didn't start with something easy) And the sum total of my theatre experience was two plays at Amherst County High School, which had no real theatre department. We were no EC Glass!

I'm certain that I was completely terrified. And no, I wasn't cast. But I chose to work tech on the show and got to meet and work with some incredible people. Had my very first show romance. David Dixon. He was dreamy. And met my long-time best friend Meredith...who was much more talented than I was...but who encouraged me anyway. And that was it...I was bit.

I've been away from it for too long. I had forgotten the fun of people involved. Even in the nervous state of auditions - when you feel like you're hoping not to get picked last for the baseball team - there is a sense of camaraderie. And there was a great group of folks there tonight for auditions - applauding for each other at the end of scenes. It was a great feeling.

So, how did it go? The director has a lot of good choices - and there will probably be a few more added to her buffet of actors tomorrow night. In my mind, I have cast it about 6 different ways. I'm glad that I put myself out there. And yes, I hope I get it.

But the real challenge was met...I made the effort. And I had a good time.

Good luck Karen! You're a brave woman!

Hmmm....directing scares me...maybe I'll try THAT sometime :)

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