Wednesday, March 21

So...did you get it?

Just in case you were, I did not get cast. But I really am okay with that! There were about a dozen talented women vying for TWO female roles in the I choose to believe that although I was extremely talented, I just didn't fit this particular cast. And the director has made me an offer that I can't refuse! I get to be something like the assistant production manager and will be involved in the running of the show itself. So, in reality, I get to have all the fun without the 6 weeks of running myself to a frazzle!

One of the things that I get to assist with is the food that is on stage for the show - and regular readers know that I am quite the foodie. Strange request from a cast member - because of either an allergy or extreme dislike - I get to make fake deviled eggs. But since I have made alternative deviled eggs for my mom for over 20 years (she is allergic to egg yolks) - it isn't going to be a problem at all.

But it brought back memories of Kings Dominion's Showplace. When I worked for the park as a theatre technician at the Mason Dixon Music Hall, techs had the opportunity to get some extra hours working at Showplace. That was the park's venue for big acts - like Patti Labelle, the Moody Blues and Hall and Oates. Yep, this was so long ago...the New Kids on the Block were opening for Tiffany. Actually, about mid-way through that tour...they realized that the crowds were leaving after NKOB had performed so they switched the acts and had Tiffany as the opener.

Big performers tended to have big egos and the contracts for their appearances came with odd requests in the form of riders. Now, some of those were pretty predictable and fairly reasonable, a certain brand of liquor - or perhaps a requirement that there be steaks for dinner. Then there were ones that just seemed to be purposely annoying - like the performer who had written into the contract a requirement that there be 3 boxes of Lucky Charms available. With all the marshmallows removed.

So - fake deviled eggs don't make me bat an eye.

I am very much looking forward to the production. There is one gentleman in the cast whose last performance was as a sheep in the 1st grade. None of us could believe he had no stage experience! I know he is not only going to be great - but he has fallen into an incredible circle of future friends. His life will never be the same again! It took extraordinary courage to audition and I believe that (and his natural talent) will be rewarded. I know that my theatre family - even when long periods pass without contact - is always there for me.

And I don't think his ego will ever get to the point of requesting Lucky Charms sans marshmallows.

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