Friday, March 30

Tax Return Burnout

Been a long week - and no posts...which means I have been feeling progressively guiltier as the week goes on. Yep...I know I need to work on that.

Looking forward to a relaxing day tomorrow. I think I will take a little break from doing taxes - I'm pretty burned out and that is not a good mental state to be doing IRS calculations. When I start finding myself talking to myself and saying things like "close enough" or "if they don't care enough to give me all their paperwork I'm not going looking for it" - I know that I have had enough.

One year I was doing my sister and her husband's tax return while in an irritated state of mind. When I got to the questions in the Virginia state return about making voluntary donations to charity...I kind of gave away some of their refund. Like $200 bucks. And the only way that Karen and Kenny caught it was that the Forestry Service and some sort of unwed teen parent program sent them thank you notes. Ooops. Busted.

But they had one of the most complicated returns I had to deal with at the time (I've got a couple who tops them now) - traveling salesman with a home office, unreimbursed job related expenses, home improvements, vehicle allowance... And they had gotten me their stuff really late in the season. So they were remarkably understanding about my generosity!

I am pretty distracted this evening - I keep wandering over to see other friends' blogs, facebook, listening to music. I'm sure I'll have a better post tomorrow night.

Or you can go read one of my posts with the highest number of hits and try to decide WHY they were popular! With some of them...I don't know the answer.

#3 - the first time I really bared my soul on the blog. It seems really brief now. I recall it taking a lot out of me.

#2 - this one told the tale of a wine dinner run amok.

#1 - Bambi = Tasty. I think this one got the 1450 hits because there used to be a Bambi clipart and so it showed up in google searches.

Well - maybe after perusing'll hit one of these that I actually consider some of my better posts.

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