Friday, March 2

The Nerd of NYC is coming!

Since I'm sitting here at the computer and it isn't midnight...I figured there might be a post stored in these fingers. Let's see what comes out.

My first thoughts run to theatre tonight. I just learned that the great Jamie Watson is going to come to Virginia to perform at the Little Town Players in The Nerd. Hang on a second whilst I go get you guys the particulars...

The show will be May 11, 12, 13 and 18, 19, 20. Auditions are March 18 and 19. All of this happens at the theatre located on the grounds of The Elks National Home. Yep, same place where the Christmas lights are in December. I am ashamed to say that I've only been to the theatre for ONE show - when my friend Robin was playing the title role in You're a Good Man Charlie Brown. But it is a nice venue and since the director is the wonderful Karen Hopkins - this is going to be one incredible show.

A little bit about The Nerd - because except for us theatre geeks...some of you may have never heard of it! It is a two-act comedy written by Larry Shue. The plot involves Willum Cubbert, his girlfriend Tansy (well sorta girlfriend...) and Willum's best friend Axel (who lives in the basement and is often inebriated). (If that were only a female role...I think I'd be perfect for it!). Jamie Watson will be playing Rick Steadman, an inspector at a chalk factory who saved Willum's life in Vietnam.

While Willum is hosting a dinner party for his boss Warnock, Warnock's wife and terror of a son - Rick arrives unexpectedly. His awkwardness and inappropriateness turn the evening into a shambles. Rick decides to move in. Eventually Axel comes up with a plot to get rid of him (see...doesn't that sound like me?).

The show ran on Broadway March 1987 - April 1988 starring Mark Hamill as Willum and was directed by Charles Nelson Reilly. Which is pretty interesting because I've always thought that Jamie looked like Mark Hamill (I can picture him swinging a lightsaber) and I've always loved Charles Nelson Reilly. Remember Match Game?

I think I'll go to auditions. I don't have enough going on in my life - I think weeks of rehearsal and performances will keep me from being bored! :)

But the chance to tread the boards with Jamie Watson? Worth the effort!

Even if I don't get cast - I hope all the readers of the hamster will put the show on their calendars. It is going to be a doozy!

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